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Rings from Otomo
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Rings from Otomo
We are excited to provide some of the most exceptional rings from around the world; we have the most delightful range of rings for women to buy. We are bound to have something which caters to every taste or budget.

Alexandrite Rings from Otomo: Alexandrite was named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II to celebrate his birthday. An Alexandrite ring contains an incredibly rare and precious gemstone. When viewed by natural daylight the gem will appear to be emerald green. However, when viewed under artificial light, the gemstone will display a ruby red colouring. This unique stone is ideal for rings given its durability and hardness, allowing it to be worn daily without fear of damage. The stone is mostly found in Russia and will often be brilliantly cut to best showcase it’s shine, colour and beauty.

Amethyst Rings from Otomo: Amethyst is a gemstone which is found in countries such as Canada, Madagascar, Russia and Brazil. Amethyst will often contain distinct inclusions which can resemble organic forms, feathers or tiger stripes. The stone comes in a range of shades, from purple to lilac to mauve. This beautiful gemstone ring from the quartz family can add a touch of elegance to any ensemble An amethyst ring is a versatile choice due to the variety of price points, sizes and colours available. Amethysts are even said to cure drunkenness, which is potentially a bonus!

Emerald Rings from Otomo: This divine green gemstone is found mainly in granite around Colombia. The alluring green colour is derived from the chromium and vanadium content of the stone, allowing any emerald ring to look stunning. The stone is traditionally associated with friendship, loyalty and faithfulness. An emerald ring is perfect for both a contemporary and classic look and is primarily valued by the same criteria as a diamond; by colour, weight, cut and clarity.

Eternity Rings from Otomo: The eternity ring dates back nearly 4000 years when Egyptian men would traditionally give their wife an eternity ring as a symbol of undying love. Some of the earliest known examples of an eternity ring feature a snake consuming its own tail. This imagery is often used to represent eternity and can be referred to as ‘ouroboros’. You can still buy ouroboros rings. However, modern-day eternity rings are likely to made from precious metals set with precious gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds or rubies.

Garnet Rings from Otomo: Even though Garnet rings are commonly associated with the colour red, the gemstones are actually found in almost every single colour are a trendy choice for use in rings. This is a brilliant choice if you’re looking for a January birthstone. The garnet family of stones is one of the most complex gem groups available. It’s not a single type of stone but encompasses several varieties and species.
Moissanite Rings from Otomo: Moissanite is one of the most spectacular and affordable gemstones available to buy. The gem is similar to diamonds in many respects, it’s colourless and is incredibly hard. The gemstone is untreated which means it’s brilliance and beauty will last a lifetime and won’t change or fade over time. Moissanite is more brilliant than a diamond, and it will also disperse more light (over twice as much as a diamond, sapphire, ruby or emerald). It’s a perfect choice for a ring and is a genuinely stunning gemstone.

Morganite Rings from Otomo: Morganite rings are often known for their feminine pastel colours, ranging from soft shades of pink, orangey pink through to purplish pink. Most stones are light and subtle in tone. However, some gems can display a strong colourisation. The stones make an excellent choice for rings and are understated or bold, depending on the cut and colour saturation.

Opal Rings from Otomo: Opal rings can be very spectacular. A single well-chosen stone can flash every conceivable spectrum of colour, with an intensity and quality which can surpass almost every other gemstone, including diamonds. The most sought-after opals can fetch prices per carat that rival even diamonds, emeralds and rubies. It’s therefore not surprising that opals are one the most popular choices for rings. The only drawback is that opals can be delicate and must be cared and looked after carefully.

Pearl Rings from Otomo: Pearls are the only gemstone created by a living organism and are almost always unique. Pearl rings are available in a range of colours and styles and are one of the most affordable rings available.

Ruby Rings from Otomo: their bright red colouring can readily identify Ruby rings, is one of the most well known and famous red gemstones. Regardless of its bright colours, ruby rings are one of the most popular gems due to their hardness, lustre, rarity and durability. Large transparent rubies are incredibly rare, even more so than diamonds. Red rubies are part of the corundum family of precious stones. Its sister gemstone is the Sapphire, which encompasses all other shades of colours of corundum apart from red. A ruby is a red sapphire, the only real difference is the colour.

Resin Rings from Otomo: Resin rings come in a variety of fun finishes and colours. Ranging from snowy alpine scenes through to sunlit meadows, these tiny worlds encompassed in a ring are unrivalled in their originality and affordability.

Topaz Rings from Otomo: Topaz gemstone rings have been mined for an incredibly long time. However, it’s unknown how the name Topaz came to be. One theory suggests the name originates from the Greek word for yellow stone, Topazon. During the middle ages, topaz referred to any yellow stone. During modern times, when most people think of Topaz they’ll picture a blue gemstone. Blue topaz rings are one of the most affordable gemstones available to buy. Topaz is the traditional birthstone for anyone born in November, and a Topaz ring certainly makes an excellent birthday gift. Additionally, topaz is claimed to combat fear, anger and aide in releasing tension as well as enhancing strength.