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Pearl Jewellery
Pearl Necklaces, Rings, Earrings and Pearl Bracelets
Otomo Pearl Jewellery
Pearl Necklace from Otomo: Pearls have a well-deserved reputation for classic style and graceful splendour, as fashions come and go pearls are a staple which persists. No matter how trendy, alternative or avant-garde the fashion collection, they rarely don’t include pearls. Every jewellery collection should include pearls as a basic necessity; they are an ageless fashion choice which never fails to make a sophisticated style statement.

Pearl Necklaces are perhaps the first choice for many when it comes to pearls; they are diverse in appearance and come in a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Remember that a white round pearl is not the only choice available, pick from blues, lavender, pink, black, green, white, oval, rice, biwa, baroque and much more besides.

If we take a traditional skew on pearl necklaces the length and size of pearls have conventionally been attributed to certain attires and age groups. We should now ignore such conventions as the flexibility of a pearl strand should not be constrained by antiquated rules, instead, pearls should be worn according to the wearer’s personal preferences. However, we should have a basic understanding of the popular lengths to better decide what will work best for us.

The Pearl Collar: 12 – 13 inches (30 – 33 cm)
A pearl collar usually consists of multiple strands of pearls which lie comfortably in the centre of the neck, they make a great choice when worn with off the shoulder tops or a stunning V-neck.

The Pearl Choker: 14 – 16 inches (35 – 40 cm)
The pearl choker is a fantastically adaptable necklace which is suitable for everything from casual wear through to dressier occasions, such as weddings, and works with nearly every type of neckline. It’s a great choice if you want to add a delicate touch of class to your workwear.

The Princess Length: 17 – 19 inches (43 – 48 cm)
The princess length necklace is one of the most popular and common choices, and for good reason. It’s a versatile choice which suits a range of necklines, from low to high. The princess necklace is considered the archetypal length and we can thoroughly recommend it for anyone who’s unsure as to which strand length to get.

The Opera Necklace: 26 – 36 inches (66 – 91 cm)
The opera length necklace is a trendy contemporary and good looking option. It can be worn in a variety of ways such as single strand, doubled up, knotted or layered. Wearing this normally formal necklace with casual clothing has quickly gained favour as a fun and progressive statement piece.

The Pearl Rope: 37 plus inches (94 plus cm)
The pearl rope is a 1920s style icon which is experiencing a renaissance. This length of necklace can be sophisticated and provocative. The necklace is often supplied with multiple clasps, allowing the necklace to be broken down into multiple necklaces, allowing for a layering effect. As one piece the necklace can be worn in a single, double, triple or knotted style. An alluring option is to have the necklace knotted and slung over the back to emphasise a backless dress.

One of the most recent style choices is to layer multiple pearl necklaces of different pearl sizes, lengths and colours to achieve a unique look which is very much in vogue.

Pearl Rings from Otomo: A string of pearls is considered the classic choice, however, more and more people are turning to alternative pieces of pearl jewellery such as pearl rings. Pearl rings come in a variety of styles and finishes, some options worth considering are:

Solitaire Pearl Ring
This is a classic style for a pearl ring which utilises a single pearl as the centrepiece, the pearl can be set in a variety of metals, traditional options are gold or sterling silver. These rings are often elegant, simple and mounted on a precious metal. The pearl used is often round and an either be freshwater or saltwater.

Accented Pearl Ring
The accented ring is a popular style choice, traditionally a central pearl is buttressed by diamonds or other types of precious stones. The pearls and diamonds compliment each other beautifully and it creates a truly stunning look.

Halo Pearl Ring
In this style of ring, a central pearl is the star of the show. The pearl is surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones, creating a Halo around the central pearl which accents the pearls lustre and beauty.

Cluster Pearl Ring
Unlike all the other pearl rings described above, it's not a single pearl that is the highlight of the show, instead, a cluster of small pearls are the centrepiece of the ring. This is an increasingly popular option due to its non-traditional styling and fun styling.

Eternity Pearl Ring
In this ring option, a dozen or so small pearls are set into a metal band that wraps around the finger. It's a great option if you don't want a ring with a centrepiece and would prefer an intricate band.

Pearl rings can make a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, they come in so many styles and options that you're now more than ever spoilt for choice.

Pearl Earrings from Otomo: A must-have staple for any aspiring jewellery lover, pearl earrings need to have a home in every personal jewellery collection, they can be elegant, uncomplicated, contemporary, daring, fun or any other style you’re looking for. Before diving into our sumptuous selection of cultured pearl earrings take a minute to have a review of the design choices available.

Pearl Stud Earrings
The stud earring is a timeless and enduring classic which is as popular now as they ever were. The pearl is most often held in place with a screw down back, creating an illusion that the pearl is floating on your ear. If you don’t already have pearl stud earrings you’re missing out on a legendary design.

Threader Pearl Earrings
The threader pearl earring allows the wearer to create a customised look by adjusting the length of the pearl strand. Most often the earring is worn with the pearl dangling beneath the ear but how you adjust the length is entirely up to you. The threader pearl earring is a beautiful and elegant choice and is well worth considering.

Pearl Drop Earrings
The pearl drop earring normally consists of a single large geometric pearl which hangs from the earrings base. In a basic design the pearl will hang in a straight line, however, in more intricate designs the pearl may zigzag, spiral etc. This style of earring allows for a large selection of design choices, so you’re bound to find something that suits your particular needs.

Chandelier Pearl Earrings
The chandelier pearl earrings have multiple branches which end in a pearl, creating a chandelier effect. The pearls are most often tear or drop shaped as fitting for the design of the earring. The earrings are quite often eye-catching designs which are striking and unique.

There are of course many more design choices for pearl earrings, from fish hook through to French hoops, there’s a huge diversity of style choices available to buyers. With a myriad of pearl colours, sizes and shapes we’re now more than ever spoilt for choice when it comes to pearl jewellery, so whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly earring or a custom designed option we’re delighted to have you as a customer.

Pearl Bracelets from Otomo: The beauty of pearls is timeless; it blends in with the contemporary culture as it did in the past with traditional fashion. There are numerous forms of jewellery pieces that are made using exquisite pearls, including necklaces, rings and earrings. While all these are attractive, you cannot argue with the style benefits of pearl bracelets. These are perfect for everyday wear, and they will still stand out well in dressier occasions. My Pearls has numerous types of these pieces to match diverse fashion requirements and personal preferences.

Types of Pearls
You can choose a pearl bracelet with your preferred types of pearls to suit your sense of aesthetic. My Pearls primarily offers freshwater pearls in the created pieces. These pearls are high-quality pieces without unattractive embellishments. If you are a traditional jewellery lover, you will like the perfectly round pearls used for many of the products. However, you can also select baroque alternatives. These pearls have an irregular shape that deviates from the standard sphere. The irregularity presents a charming and unique look.

Pearl Colours
There are different colours of natural and cultured pearls used in the creation of the beautiful bracelets. The most common hues are cream and white. These are favoured because they merge well with almost any outfit. Black, silver and even grey pearls are also relatively popular and will give a touch of elegance. If you want a unique item, there are also pearl bracelets made from pink and purple pearls as well as other shades in between.

The pearl bracelets are made in diverse designs by trained and talented artistic technicians. Therefore, you can explore the catalogue for something that will be perfect for your planned style. For a minimalist look, consider a bracelet with a single strand of pearls. These can be closely placed for a relatively bold appearance or even sparsely installed to showcase elegant appeal. If you like to make a statement with your jewellery, consider selecting pieces that feature multiple layers of pearls. Alternatively, the pearls can be complemented by other materials such as silver or crystals.