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Otomo has an extensive collection of men's watches which encompasses every budget and style, from modern day classics to ageless design. Our impressive range includes brands such as Rolex, IWC, Casio and Seiko. If you're looking for a dress watch, sports watch or something else, we're sure to have a watch to meet your needs.


Are you in the process of shopping for a man’s watch for your father, brother or significant other? If so, you might be a bit stumped with the big selection and all. Well, to help you find the ideal watch for your intended recipient, a list of things to look for are listed below. If you follow these recommendations and do your research, you will not face any issues. The result will be nothing less than pure bliss.


The first thing you should ask yourself is where the recipient will be wearing the watch. Will he be wearing it to work in a corporate office? Will he be wearing it daily? Will he be wearing it on casual occasions? Is he a sportsman? Once you find the answer that is appropriate for his specific needs, then you will be ready to start shopping watching for the watch.


The next thing you need to do is set a budget for the watch. Men's watches can range anywhere from £30 up to £10,000 or more. Of course, you will want to find something that is stylish and modern, so you should expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars. However, if you cannot afford such an extravagant watch, you can always invest in a replica, which is very similar to the designer brand. The option is yours, but it is wise to set a budget and stick with it to ensure you not overspend.


Thee are several different types of watches to choose from. The analogue design is trendy among older gentlemen because it has a face with minute and hour hands. Roman numerals or markers mark the time. The display is designed to accommodate a 12-hour day.

Analog watches have a very user-friendly interface, making them ideal for the non-tech savvy male. This style is considered more classic and formal than other styles.


Digital watches are available with LED (light emitting diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display) faces. The face shows the time in what is known as a numeric form. These watches are mainly for casual occasions, which means they can be worn every day of the week.


Analogue/digital watches are comprised of components from the analogue and digital watch. They have both digital and analogue faces. Many men prefer these watches for everyday wear because they are ideal for both work and play. If you are contemplating buying a man’s watch for formal purposes, this is not a good option.


Men's watches are equipped both either a battery or mechanical hand that must be wound frequently. Most men are not into spending time winding a watch every day, which is why they prefer the battery-operated watch.