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Engagement Rings uk

Choose from timeless classics such as a diamond solitaire or modern alternatives, the choice is yours.

An Engagement Ring is customarily worn in order to indicate that the bearer is currently engaged. It is traditionally given during a marriage proposal and if accepted will be worn from that day onwards, even once married.

There are many aspects to keep in mind when deciding to buy an engagement ring online in the UK. If choosing a classic diamond engagement ring, you’ll need to consider the 4 C’s: Carat, Clarity, Cut & Colour. All the diamonds we present are independently certified to ensure you have all the information you’re likely need about the condition and size of your diamond. There are of course many other types of engagement rings available, including a wide variety of gemstones, metals and settings that are worth considering. From an elegant and classic white gold band to platinum, there are plenty of options to pick from online at Otomo.


What Engagement Ring UK Style is Best?

Finding the perfect engagement ring is no easy task. Engagement rings comes in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. From the classic solitaire to a vintage halo, there’s something to suite every style and budget.

When choosing an engagement ring, it’s worth considering what other jewellery is being worn, what the wedding ring might look like and any other future ring purchases that might be made in order to complement and march the engagement ring. It’s worth bearing in mind what type of daily activities that are performed with your hands, and whether or not this will cause wear on your ring, this can impact the settings or type of metal you should consider.  

Types of Engagement Rings

White Gold: Our seductive collection of white gold engagement rings have been carefully and painstakingly chosen to give you the best possible options. We understand how important it is to get the perfect ring which is why our white gold engagement rings are sophisticated, elegant and timeless.

Yellow Gold: Celebrate the start of a long and delightful life together with an ageless classic yellow gold engagement ring. The giving of a gold engagement ring has been a tradition which reaches back centuries. Our collections features staple entries such as a solitaire diamond yellow gold engagement ring, as modern alternatives such as a vibrant gemstone on a yellow gold setting. Whatever the style, if you’re looking for yellow gold, we’ll have something to suite your needs.

Platinum: Very little surpasses the romance, mystique and beauty of a platinum engagement ring - one of the most precious metals available combined with a gemstone of your choosing can symbolise the undying love you have for each other. Our collection contains everything from simple solitaires to exquisite and unique clusters that are bound to captivate the attention.

Rose Gold: Rose gold engagement rings are a modern alternative to traditional white or yellow old and are increasingly being seen as a fashion staple. Our collection contains every sort of rose gold engagement ring you could possible want, from halo diamond to solitaire ruby, there’s an option and ring that will be the perfect choice.

Moissanite: Find the ideal moissanite engagement ring that directly speaks to your sense of style. Pick from many designs and sizes, including Halo, 3-stone, vintage and much more. Moissanite is in many respects superior to diamond, boasting superior sparkle and affordability, allowing you to avoid compromising on cut, clarity or carat.

Black Diamond: A black diamond offers a stunning and unusual choice for an engagement ring. The black colouring provides an unrivalled depth and provides a new twist on the traditional ring, one which is guaranteed to spark conversation, questions and interest.

Emerald: Originating from exotic and lush valleys of Columbia comes the alluring and captivating pure green emerald. These luxurious gemstones are stunning and create exciting and beautiful engagement rings.

Opal: Opal engagement rings are increasingly becoming a popular option. Each and every opal is unique and no two are ever going to be the same, offering a variety of colours, cuts and sizes while also providing significant value for money.

Sapphire: Vivid and vibrant blue sapphires originating from Thailand are one of the most gorgeous naturally occurring gemstones in circulation today. Their ties to royalty and the captivating way they capture the light are part of what makes sapphire engagement rings so special and luxurious.

Ruby: Frequently referred to as the King of all Gems, it’s easy to understand why rubies symbolise love with their fiery red colouring. Prove you are passionate, elegant and bold with a tantalising ruby engagement ring from the Otomo collection.

Garnet: Garnet is one of the oldest and most beautiful gemstones that has been used in jewellery for centuries. Commonly found in a huge range of hues and mined in most parts of the world, a garnet is gemstone that is uniquely suitable as an engagement ring and one that is steeped in history and symbolism.

Topaz: The second most popular gemstone in the world, blue topaz has graced the fingers of many. Here at Otomo, we aim to offer a unique and stunning collection of topaz engagement rings with an option and style to suite every budget.