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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Are you looking to furnish your home with UK ceiling lights? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place, we have a significant collection of ceiling lights available in the UK, with a range of styles and colours to suit every homes décor. A ceiling light is an effective and efficient way to provide the primary source of lighting for a room. There are many varieties, styles, sizes and types of ceiling lights available to buy and each can dramatically change the mood of a room, emphasise the existing décor or subtly alter a theme.
When you’re looking to buy ceilings lights for a UK stockist, it’s vital to consider in what area you want to place the light and which parts of room you’d like to illuminate. You can experiment with a range of lighting types to create a dynamic lighting scheme by varying the light source, intensity, height and hue.

Types of Ceiling Lights

Chandeliers can be an impressively stunning visual display. Most traditional chandeliers would be made with crystals; however, the advance of LED lighting has allowed for the creation of alternative options and is often even more impressive to look at. Chandeliers are known to offer an opulent style to a room and can create a striking centrepiece in almost any home.

Pendant ceiling lights as the name suggests, hang from the ceiling by an adjustable chord which has the benefit of giving you a degree of flexibility to alter the height of the light. Pendant lighting sources can create a dramatic display and are particularly well suited to hallways and dining rooms. If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen island, then it’s well worth investing in a pendant light to illuminate the work surface as well as generally brightening the kitchen and giving it an energetic feel.

Track lighting is a type of light that features one or more spotlights fitted on a track. They are an ideal choice when you’re looking to highlight specific areas of a room and are often found in functional rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Flush ceiling lights are generally flush with the ceiling and are great choices for rooms with low ceilings or for high traffic areas of the house. They often boast minimalist designs and are great options for any areas where space is a concern. If a room needs to be filled with light and given an airy feel, a flush ceiling light is well worth considering.

Ceiling fans can combine ceiling lights into the design, creating a fan / light hybrid. This has an added benefit of being able to produce lighting as well as circulating air around a room on a warm day.

Recessed or downlights are recessed into the ceiling and will often shine downwards. However, some models allow the lighting to be tilted or angled. If you have a room with low ceilings, then they are a good choice as they won’t get in the way of the occupants of the house. They are exceptionally well suited for situations where a concentrated light source is needed, so they work well in studies or kitchens.