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The bedroom has a unique position in any home, being the room that we go to unwind, relax and enjoy some quality sleep. The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house and we understand the need to have it’s decor match your requirements and style choices. From divan style beds, wooden bed frames and much more, to wardrobes, mattresses, bedding and everything else you can think off; our extensive collection of furniture for the bedroom all but guarantees something for every budget and sense of style. If you know the look you’re trying to achieve then go ahead and mix and match pieces to achieve the style you’re looking for. Alternatively, check out our matched bedroom sets for a coordinated set of furniture. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve you’ll definitely want to consider the bedroom essentials below.

Beds: The must-have piece for any bedroom, the bed is the focal point and will set the style and tone for the interior of the room. A metal or leather bed frame will provide a contemporary modern look, while a wooden bed frame will ensure you achieve a classic look that is unlikely to go out of fashion. As well as these bedroom staples we have a range of mattresses, cot beds, headboards, children's beds and much more besides.

Chests of Drawers: Functional does not mean boring, no matter how much or how little storage you need, we have a fantastic chest of drawers to meet your needs. Take a look at our selection which ranges from modern glass and metal designs all the way to classic wooden models, we’re bound to have the right one for you.

Wardrobes: A bedroom is not a bedroom without some sort of wardrobe. The only place to keep suits, dresses and trousers free from wrinkles. We have a selection of wardrobes which encompasses wooden wardrobes, four-door mirrored wardrobes, open wardrobes and must more. We have a great selection that will help you find something to fit in with your home.

Bedside Tables: If like to have a glass of water next to your bed or prefer to keep your phone within easy reach, then a bedside table is an essential item. Perfect for keeping all your essentials close to where you sleep and ideal for completing the look of your room, our range of bedside tables are available in an impressive array of designs and finishes, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Headboards: Providing an often needed finishing touch to a bedroom, headboards allow you to sit up in bed in relative comfort. If you choose a cushioned headboard you’ll find reading or sitting up in bed a very comfortable experience. If you need a bit of extra storage then consider a bookcase headboard. Our range consists of wooden, upholstered, iron headboards and much more. Browse our selection and choose the type that matches your requirements.

Once you’ve achieved your perfect bedroom furniture look, take some time to browse our selections of lighting and home furnishings to add an extra layer of comfort and style with some carefully considered rugs, lamps or throws.