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Wall clocks have an apparent use, but, they should not be relegated to telling the time. We are now more than ever surrounded by technology and items that are capable of tellings us the time with incredible accuracy, from our phones, televisions, watches and microwaves, we’re rarely ever more than a couple of feet from a clock. With all of these convenient devices, it might seem unnecessary to buy yet another for your home that can tell the time. However, wall clocks are a brilliant addition to almost all home décor schemes. A UK wall clocks, whether large or small, can finish the design of a room. Read on for a few of our tips and tricks on buying the perfect wall clock.

A well-chosen wall clock can add interest and detail to a room and can be the missing piece that ties a colour or theme together. For example, a large wall clock can act as the perfect opportunity for a homeowner to show off their style and personality. Nearly everyone is used to having a digital clock on our electronic devices, an analogue clock can create a warming and vintage feel to a room and may be the perfect addition to a kitchen or living room.

At, we aim to offer a comprehensive range of models and styles to guarantee you’ll be able to find something that fits your requirements. When shopping for a wall clock, consider what type and size you’re looking for. The size and style have a massive influence on how a piece will integrate with a room.
Large Wall Clock from Otomo: A large clock can be an attractive focal point in a room and can make a pleasant change from the more traditional piece of art or mirror. Whether the large wall clock you choose is classic, featuring a pendulum and formal manner, or modern with a simple frame and minimalist clock hands is a matter of preference and selecting the style which best suits the décor of a room.

Kitchen Wall Clocks from Otomo: Kitchen clocks need not be traditional in design. It can be fun to play with the theme of food, kitchen utensils or cooking, or choose a simple design which compliments the colour scheme of the kitchen.

Digital Wall Clocks from Otomo: A digital clock can add a modern twist to the accessories in a room. Once a favourite in the 80’s, they are now less commonly found in homes, however, they can be a fun addition to almost any house.

Vintage Wall Clocks from Otomo: A vintage clock featuring a wooden finish, stately pendulums and comforting tick tock will right at home in a farmhouse, Victorian or any other home which would like to add a touch of splendour to a room. They might not be for everyone, but in the right setting and with the right décor, they can work wonders.

Unusual Wall Clocks from Otomo: An unusual clock can be an instant conversation starter and become the focal point of a room. The design options available are limited mainly by your imagination, so there will be something to suit every taste and budget.

If you’re not stimulated by traditional, retro or vintage design, consider that a carefully chosen timepiece can equally work well with modern interior design. A simple silver or chrome finish can look futuristic, clean and glamorous, as well as very cool. Careful consideration should be given to the location of the wall clock, Kitchens are great locations for a fun design, while children particularly love animal motifs and cutouts.