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Pearl Rings

A string of pearls is considered the classic choice, however, more and more people are turning to alternative pieces of pearl jewellery such as pearl rings.  Pearl rings come in a variety of styles and finishes, some options worth considering are:

Solitaire Pearl Ring

This is a classic style for a pearl ring which utilises a single pearl as the centre piece, the pearl can be set in a variety of metals, traditional options are gold or sterling silver. These rings are often elegant, simple and mounted on a precious metal.  The pearl used is often round and an either be freshwater or saltwater.

Accented Pearl Ring

The accented ring is a popular style choice, traditionally a central pearl is buttressed by diamonds or other types of precious stones.  The pearls and diamonds compliment each other beautifully and it creates a truly stunning look.

Halo Pearl Ring

In this style of ring a central pearl is the star of the show.  The pearl is surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones, creating a Halo around the central pearl which accents the pearls lustre and beauty. 

Cluster Pearl Ring

Unlike all the other pearl rings described above, it's not a single pearl that is the highlight of the show, instead a cluster of small pearls are the centre piece of the ring. This is an increasingly popular option due to it's non traditional styling and fun styling.

Eternity Pearl Ring

In this ring option a dozen or so small pearls are set into a metal band that wraps around the finger.  It's a great option if you don't want a ring with a centre piece and would prefer an intricate band. 

Pearl rings can make a great alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring, they come in so many styles and options that you're now more than ever spoilt for choice.