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Pearl Pendant

Pearl pendants are an essential must have for any fan of jewellery, we firmly believe that a jewellery collection which does not contain a pearl pendant is an incomplete collection. They are incredibly versatile pieces of pearl jewellery which come in a huge range of designs, colours and pearl shape options. We have pearl pendants made with gold and silver as well as numerous pearl types and colours, so whether you’re looking for a Biwa, baroque, button, drop or round pearl in black, grey, pink, white, lavender or another colour we will have a piece of exquisite jewellery to meet your style needs.

Pearls have a long and rich history dating back thousands of years; traditionally they have been incredibly expensive and only affordable by the richest aristocratic families. Luckily for us this has changed in recent years with the invention of cultured pearls, making pearls more affordable than ever. We’re now very fortunate to have so many styles and colours of pearls to choose from, with something to suit any budget and style preference.

All of our pearl pendants are made using cultured pearls, which is great for the environment, saving wild stock from being overfished and decimated. Our pearls are farmed across Asia where they are cultured by local families and communities, when they are finally harvested the pearls are cleaned, sorted and graded before making their way to our knowledgeable jewellers to be made into gorgeous pearl pendants.

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