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Invicta Watches

INVICTA is a brand that is known for its high-quality, stylish watches. If you have never heard of the INVICTA brand, you have been missing out on an opportunity to own one of the best watches on the market. These watches are slightly more expensive than some of the competitor brands. However, their workmanship, durability, and integrity are far more superior, which is why they are so popular. Below, you will discover why consumers prefer INVICTA watches to other brands.

Stylish Bands

INVICTA makes an effort to match the faces of its watches with a unique band. For instance, the Marvel Limited Edition Tony Stark Mens Quartz has a face with white time marks and a red/white minute hand and hour hand. To make sure the band matches the face perfectly, INVICTA specially designed it with a stylish, silicone red band, allowing all of the components of the watch to match perfectly.

Stainless Steel Case

There is nothing worse than investing money in a watch to discover that the case will not resist corrosion or rust. Well, that will never be the case with INVICTA watches. The company only utilizes stainless steel to construct the cases for its watches. This material is not only stylish but also resists corrosion, which is extremely important since the case is in contact with the skin during wear. If the case material is not capable of resisting corrosion, it will rust and corrode over time.

Water Resistance

While most brands of watches are water resistance, some brands do not offer the same capability as the INVICTA watch. Most brands design their watches to be safely immersed in 50 meters of water. Well, INVICTA watches can be submerged in 200 meters of water safely. So, if you like to swim with your watch on, you will be able to do just that if you own one of these watches. This capability makes the INVICTA watch ideal for swimmers, divers, plumbers, surgeons, and nurses.

Very Detailed

INVICTA watches are very detailed. While some of the classic watches only have a face with numbers, date and a minute hand and hour hand, the INVICTA watches have so much. One particular watch is the SEA Hunter Mens Quartz, which displays the day of the week and month and year, as well as a time that is broken down in seconds and hours. The minutes are also displayed on the top of the case. However, it is crucial to note that not everyone prefers a watch that is so busy. But, for those who do you cannot go wrong with an INVICTA watch.

Durable Band

INVICTA designs all of its watches with a very stylish and unique band. All of these bands are very durable to ensure longevity. You can choose from the leather, stainless steel, and silicone bands.