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Garnet Ring

Garnet Engagement Rings

The days have gone when the only gem for an engagement ring was the diamond. Today, you can choose from an amethyst, sapphire, emerald, and garnet setting. All of these gems are exquisite, but the rich, beautiful colors of the garnet just touch the heart of women more than the other options. Below, you will discover why men are choosing garnet engagements rings for their future wives.

A Variety Of Styles Available 

There are a variety of garnet engagement ring styles to choose from. These styles include the solitaire, vintage, rhodolite garnet side stones, halo, three-stone and pave’. Any woman would love to receive one of these rings from her beau. However, you should definitely consider her tastes, before you make you finalize this purchase.

All of the styles are suitable for the garnet. However, you can also choose from the twisted vine, Waverly, four-prong, shared prong, luxe ballad, half eternity, six-prong, tapered baguette and tiara. 

A Variety Of Shapes Available

Just like the diamond, the garnet is available in a variety of shapes. These shapes include the marquise, round, emerald, pear, heart, cushion, oval and princess. Garnets have unique characteristics that make their vivid hues stand out, making it the ideal engagement ring for any woman.

A Variety Of Colors Available

When most people think of garnet, they instantly think of the red garnet. While the red garnet is one of the more popular colors, there are a variety of shades utilized in engagement rings. These shades include orange, green, pink and green. Depending on the price of the stone, it can take on the different shade of color. For example, expensive orange garnets are the same color as a pumpkin or blood-orange. Inexpensive stones will take on an amber or cinnamon color.  

The green garnet is extremely popular because it resembles the emerald. However, the two stones are very different. The dark bluish-green garnet just happens to be more popular among women, but they have a high price tag. Cheaper green garnet has a yellowish-green hue, making it less popular. 

Appealing Price Tag

When you compare the prices of a diamond engagement ring and garnet engagement ring, you will notice a significant difference. The garnet is more affordable than the diamond. However, do not be fooled by the lower price tag, because the garnet is stunning, elegant and eye appealing.

If you are a young man just starting out, you will definitely appreciate this lower price tag. If you are like some other men, you have been forced to postpone proposing because you just cannot afford a diamond. Well, with the option of buying a garnet for a lower price, there are no more excuses for delay.

If you are destined to entice your girlfriend to say “yes”, you should if at all possible invest in a high-quality stone.