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Floor Lamps

A floor lamp can provide strong natural ambience to light up the whole living room; the bright focused light is necessary for your work in the office, or a gentle glow to change the mood in your bedroom. The floor lamps can be very versatile, they can fit quite easily in any corner of your room; the preferred location can be behind a sofa or in the middle of a foyer. The floor lamps are much easier to install than any other wired lighting system. A nice floor lamp can make outstanding changes to an otherwise ordinary room. Its stylish look, as well as the quality of light, makes it one of the best choices for home decor. Floor lamps are used to make an impact, to give an upgraded look to your space and to create a whole new atmosphere in your room. It is really important that you buy the suitable floor lamps with the perfect brightness and appropriate colour to create the desired visual effects.


Selecting a suitable floor lamp is a very easy process if you are sure about how you want to use it. Generally, floor lamps come in various designs and they use different kinds of lighting systems. The key factors that you need to know while choosing the floor lamp are:


If you want the floor lamp to give proper task lighting for someone sitting on the desk or couch, then you definitely need to consider the height of the floor lamp. Or if are you looking to light up a specific area of your bedroom or living room, then also you need to have a proper idea about the height of the floor lamp. You also need to consider the height of the floor lamp if you have tall ceilings in your house. All of these factors will help you choose the floor lamp with the correct height to satisfy your needs. We know that a short lamp does not look nice in a room with high ceilings and that is why we need to be careful while selecting one.


The base of the floor lamp plays an important part in the steadiness of the lamp. A regular floor lamp with a large base will be more difficult to tip over than one with a comparatively small base. Also, lamp bases are available in glass, wood, metal or ceramic.


The finishing touch on the floor lamp usually carries through the sockets, pole and base. The very usual finishes for floor lamps include oil-rubbed bronze, antique bronze, brushed nickel and the special satin nickel.


There are a few modern style floor lamps that do not make use of the lamp shades but it is good to have them, as you can add any colour and any style to the lamp with a custom lampshade. Sometimes, the lamp shade also cuts down on the intensity of the brightness of the lamp, as it provides shade to your eyes from the glowing bulb. You need to understand that different materials will permit different intensities of light to be visible through the lampshade.

For different areas in your house, you need different types of floor lamps. This needs a little bit of explanation:


As the living room is the centre of attraction of a house, you need to very careful about the floor lamp you choose for this section. It is the place where you sleep, play with your kids and sometimes welcome your friends or special guests. And that is why most people want their living room to look gorgeous and inviting. For that specific effect, an ideal floor lamp for the living room should be able to light up the entire place with a warm illumination. And when combined with other light sources, it should produce a total light output of two thousand lumens or even higher. If you want a gorgeous, bright atmosphere in the living room, the suitable temperature for your lights or bulbs should be higher than three thousand five hundred Kelvin. To make it comfortable, cosy and inviting, a temperature somewhere between twenty-seven thousand Kelvin and three thousand five hundred Kelvin will do fine.


For your bedroom, you will not need a light of a very high intensity and very high colour temperature. The reason behind it is that very bright blue light can trigger your brain to produce a specific kind of hormone that keeps you alert and awake, even if your body needs rest. While this seems to be very useful during the day, at night, such blue light keeps you from falling asleep and that is harmful to your health. So, it is very important that you have a light of a lower intensity and very low colour temperature in your bedroom. The total intensity of light output in the bedroom should not exceed the limit of four thousand lumens. And the light colour temperature can be between two thousand Kelvin three thousand Kelvin. A nice and warm ambience in the bedroom will provide a trusting, relaxed and intimate atmosphere which will make you feel happy and ready to have a good night's sleep.


As you already know, that the reading room should be warm, comforting, and the atmosphere must help in concentrating. It is the place where you need to find yourself in order to focus and study. Generally, a good floor lamp for your reading room is the one that emits enough light for you to read and understand the small printed letters. The floor lamp should also set the mood for reading, and increase the unique style of the nook or the corner without taking up too much space. For these reasons, a floor lamp that provides light with a colour temperature of two thousand seven hundred Kelvin to four thousand Kelvin will be ideal for your reading room.


For important works that need a high level of concentration like crafting, data inputting, article writing, exam copy checking or hand embroidery, the best floor lamp is the one that permits you to carefully watch every single detail of what you are looking at. Also, it should be extremely function-based in order to help you focus on your work. Effective brightness is the necessary criterion of any good floor lamp, while you are using it for detailed tasking. The light it provides should be bright enough to stimulate your creativity and imagination. Talking about the light colour temperature, it should be at least four thousand Kelvin and up to six thousand Kelvin. Any light in this specific range has a similar effect on your brain as the daylight. It triggers an alert and makes you feel energetic on a bright sunny day, making you ready and motivated to get your work done.

Floor lamps are not only about the type of lighting they provide but also about the style and portrayal of uniqueness. The floor lamp that you choose contributes to the overall decoration of your room. So, here are a few examples of various floor lamps that you can buy:


A normal swing arm floor lamp permits you to adjust the position and light design of the lamp based on what type of particular lighting you need at that specific moment. If you want the floor lamp to shine on a particular area, you can just move the attached arm to adjust the light intensity and you can avoid the hazardous job of picking up and moving the entire floor lamp to that place.


As you may already know, a torchiere floor lamp increases the ambient light in the bedroom or living room by creating an uplight. The light produced by torchiere floor lamp spreads out of the top of the lamp. It is an excellent choice if you want a floor lamp to boost the amount of overall light in your room. Though, the torchiere floor lamps are not good choices if you need task lighting.


A tower floor lamp is used to satisfy two different purposes. It gives a gentle bright glow and accent lighting in the living room or bedroom. When the Tower floor lamp is not turned on, it resembles a piece of sculpture, thus enhancing the beauty of your room. There are a few Tower floor lamps that feature a beautiful wire frame that is wrapped up in tissue paper or in a very thin fabric.


The Table floor lamp is different from the usual Table lamp. A Table floor lamp is a multi-tasking floor lamp. It is a unique kind of floor lamp with a round or square table attached to the centre of it. This type of floor lamp turns out to be an amazing option when you do not have much space in the room and would like to have a table and a lamp. You can easily find various floor table lamps made from wood or from glass. These Table floor lamps provide both space for work and the required amount of style factor.


A Club floor lamp is also known as the proper traditional floor lamp. It provides an essential narrow column with the light on top of it. There are different Club lamps out there from which you can choose the preferred one. Some of them come with a decorative column or stand while others feature a stand-alone plain pole that attaches to a basic lampshade at the top of the floor lamp.


A multi-way or tree floor lamp is a special kind of floor lamp with more than one light on it. You can easily position the lights at different angles, based on your requirements. Though, there are a lot of people who like to use these kinds of lamps on their workplaces you can also find a suitable Tree floor lamp which is sophisticated enough to be used in your room.


As we know, a candelabra floor lamp is like a multi-way floor lamp that can hold multiple light bulbs. But, the light bulbs on a candelabra floor lamp are generally smaller than the light bulbs on a regular multi-way floor lamp.


The Arcing floor lamp provides a long arm that attaches to the base or stand of the lamp. The long arm permits the lamp to reach out over furniture or anything else that is present in your room. An arcing floor lamp is a nice option to decorate your living room or bedroom. They can light up a very big area and it is a good option to go for if you are not fond of chandeliers.