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Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

It is no secret that the diamond is an extremely popular choice when it comes to engagement rings or any ring for that matter. Well, over the past several years the black diamonds has came into existence and grown greatly in popularity. The black diamond really gives off a rich, mysterious aura that makes it stand out for the white, colorless appearance of the regular diamond. When combined with a rose gold band, a yellow gold band, or a black rhodium the black diamond can really shine. Sure, the black diamond probably sounds pretty attractive right now, but there are a variety of things that you need to know before just running out and investing.

Know The Two Types

At the end of the day, the black diamond really has the same chemical structure as a regular diamond. In fact, the only major difference is the color. So, what actually makes the diamond appear black? Well, what you need to know is that there are two different kinds of black diamonds. One is the natural black diamond and the other is the white diamond that has been dyed black.

Natural Black Diamonds – Natural black diamonds can be extremely rare, but they are usually found in Africa and Brazil. These diamonds are most often times referred to as carbonados. While they are made up of carbon just like the white diamond, they overall crystal structure is somewhat different. All this really means is that they are more porous than other types of diamonds.

Dyed Black Diamonds – If you are in the market for black diamond engagements rings, you should know the dyed black diamonds are often times referred to as treated black diamonds. These types of black diamonds are just regular white diamonds that have been dyed black through a heat or radiation treatment. Both the physical and chemical structures of these diamonds will be the same. In fact, the only difference is the color.

Which Should You Buy?

So which type of black diamond is better? As mentioned-above the natural black diamond most not even be an option for you, as they are extremely rare. In fact, it might even be hard to find a vendor that carries them. That being said, at the end of the day there really isn’t much of a difference between the two stones. The main thing that you need to pay extreme attention to when investing in a treated diamond is the cleaning and maintenance process.

Some treated black diamonds cannot be exposed to high temperatures, as it may cause them to alter their color.

Get A GIA Report

If you come across any vendor calming that they sell authentic black diamonds, you always want to be 100 percent sure to ask for a GIA report, as this will determine the authenticity of their claims.
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