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What Is A Tungsten Carbide Ring And Why Should You Care?

If like myself you wear your wedding ring with a reasonable amount of reckless abandonment you’ll no doubt know they lose their showroom shine and lustre in a very short amount of time.  It can seem at times that merely using a keyboard during the day can inflict scratches and dents on a wedding ring causing the ring to look like it’s brushed gold rather than the smoothly polished ring that left the jewellers with you.  I don’t especially want to remove my wedding ring when I do the odd bit of gardening or start shifting furniture around inside the house, but it’s exactly this type of activity that causes the most damage to my once shiny wedding ring.  So what can you do?

Tungsten Carbide Ring

There is a metal alloy out there which is twice as hard as steel, never loses its shine, is near impossible to dent, scratch or bend and is so badass that its used in armour penetrating bullets, in nuclear weapons and for precise surgical instruments.  This alloy is of course Tungsten Carbide.  What makes this metal so sturdy is its lattice of linking molecules which create a strong bond making the alloy only slightly less hard than diamonds.  It’s simply a wonder material which is used in a range of applications, including making near indestructible Tungsten Carbide rings.

A Tungsten Carbide ring can come in many styles and finishes, equalling the options available for traditional gold or silver rings, but with the added benefit that they are awesome and are not made of a wimpy material that will give up and scratch or dent at the first sign of a bit of hard work.  Gold and silver have their place, but for many, they can be a source of frustration and require constant refurbishment or removal before every piece of manual labour.  This is where a Tungsten Carbide ring excels. 

Tungsten Rings

I replaced my first Gold wedding ring with a cheaper silver version after I accidentally snapped it one day.  The silver ring looked similar to my gold ring and was much cheaper, but it started to look dishevelled and scratched within a few weeks.  I didn’t know it at the time but I needed a Tungsten Carbide ring. 

Fast forward a few years and I purchased my first Tungsten Ring.  Quite simply it’s amazing.  This tungsten ring has survived bench pressing, shifting rocks in the garden, being temporarily lost in a swimming pool, the daily abuse of typing on a keyboard and numerous other activities which have left it completely unblemished and shiny.  Can other types of wedding ring survive this type of abuse and still stay pristine? 

I can now only recommend Tungsten Carbide from Otomo to friends getting married.  Simply nothing else will do and cannot imagine ever wearing anything else


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