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The Top 10 Best Tumble Dryers UK 2018: Reviewed & Rated

The days of drying your clothes outside in the sun are over. With the advent of the tumble dryer, one never has to think about wet clothes. Tumble drying is not something new, although improvement in the field of consumer electronics has made it much more efficient in operation and appliances are becoming cheaper to buy.

Best Tumble Dryer


Name Load Capacity Type Price
Best for Small Spaces - White Knight C37AW 
3kg Vented Check Price
Best Value for Money - White Knight B44AW
6kg Vented
Check Price
Beko DC7112W 7kg Condenser
Check Price
Quietest - White Knight C44A7B 7kg Vented
Check Price
Fastest - Beko DRVT71W 7kg Vented
Check Price
Best for Energy Efficiency - Bosch WTW863S1GB 7kg Condenser
Check Price
Easiest to Load - Hotpoint CDN7000P 7kg Condenser
Check Price
Best for Large Loads - Beko DCR93161W 9kg Condenser
Check Price
Zanussi ZDC8203W 8kg Condenser
Check Price
Bosch WTE84106GB 7kg Condenser Check Price


It is an appliance meant for removing moisture from clothes, textiles, and bedding. The name tumble dryer comes from the tumbler (rotating drum) used in this type of dryers. Heated air is circulated inside the tumbler which helps evaporate water and moisture present in the clothes placed inside the dryer.

Although there are several types of dryer available with varied specifications, here is a list of the essential parameters you need to focus upon to get hold of the best tumble dryer. The essential specifications of a tumble dryer are as follows:

Load capacity: This is the factor that decides the net amount of garment or textiles the dryer can effectively cater to. Higher load capacity is always beneficial as you can accommodate heavier clothes and a larger number of garments, therefore reducing the number of times you need to run the machine. That being said one should also look after the cost associated and the exact requirement; there is simply no need to buy a high load capacity machine for a small family.

Energy efficiency: It is one of the most important parameters in today’s world. There are various classes of energy grading which denotes the energy efficiency of that particular model. It is always wise to purchase dryers with high energy efficiency as the operational cost is low, hence saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Drying type: There are numerous drying types available; each has their fair share of pros and cons. Some of the most popular types used are :

Condenser dryer: This is one of the most popular types of dryer used. This type of dryer uses dry heated air to be passed through the load which wicks away moisture, thereby providing drying.

Heat pump dryer: This type of dryer uses continuous dehumidification process and uses less than half the energy required for traditional condenser type dryers. The type of heating applied is passive in nature.

Microwave dryer: This is a highly advanced form of heating developed in Japan, uses microwave radiations for drying. Type of heating applied is convection heating; this type of drying is not used for delicate clothes.

Ultrasonic dryers: These use sound waves to remove moisture from clothes; these are generally present in high-end dryers. The time taken is one-third of the time required for drying by conventional dryers.

Hybrid dryers: These are a recent type of dryer which gives the user the choice of type of drying. It is advantageous for the user as it provides us with an opportunity to choose the type of heating as certain forms of heating is not favourable for delicate clothes.

Heating and Exhaust: Another important parameter for assessment of a tumble dryer is on the basis of heating, excessive heating is not a desirable feature in a dryer. Proper exhaust system must present to send out the unwanted vapour out from the machine to a desirable discharge spot.

Condensation tank: Most of the modern tanks comes with condensed water collection tanks. These tanks either just stores water which need to be manually disposed of by the user or has a continuous discharge system inbuilt.

Drying Clothes

Weight and dimensions: This parameter directly relates to the ease of transporting and accommodating the dryer. Lesser the weight of the tumble dryer better will be its portability. Smaller space it acquires, easier it is to place it in your home, be it an apartment or a house.

Dry time: It refers to the time required for drying the clothes. It depends mostly on the type of dryer used, ultrasonic dryers are known to have less drying time when compared to most other dryers. The lesser the time required, the better is it for the user.

Advanced Dry settings: This refers to options provided in certain models of tumble dryers where the user can use the dedicated setting for drying certain cloth types. This feature ensures that there is no damage incurred to the particular type of textile which may be delicate in nature.

Timer: This feature allows the user to delay the function of the dryer upon his/her discretion. This improves the operational comfort for the user.

Noise: Most machines are known for generating noise, the lesser the noise generated the better the user experience. Most advanced dryers nowadays come with quieter operation features as it has become a modern necessity.

The 10 Best Tumble Dryers Available to Buy in the UK

1. White Knight C37AW Compact 3kg Tumble Dryer

White Knight C37AW Compact 3kg Tumble Dryer


This model has a decent 3 kg load capacity, can be used for drying a large number of clothes at a time.

This tumble dryer has a compact design and therefore requires less space, can easily be accommodated in small spaces. Product dimension is rated as H67cm x W50cm x D47cm.

The product has free delivery within the UK and is generally dispatched in a short time, spanning between 3 to 4 days.

The product has 2 separate heat setting, unlike one conventional setting, hence providing you with greater control. This feature will allow you to choose exactly the setting required for the type of fabric you want to dry.

The product has 140 minutes timer which allows you to schedule its operation based on your availability. There is no need to wait and supervise its operation; with this timer, you can stay free of any extra hassle.

This is a freestanding model and has mobility wheel which allows easy and comfortable movements across your home.

Noise emission is measured at 64dB, which in certain cases is noisy during tumbling operations.

Energy efficiency is rated at energy class C, which has a typical use of 2.05kWh power consumption per cycle use of this machine. Electrical power rating is 1.4 kW for typical use.

Vent outlet for discharge is situated on the rear side and a 3.5-inch diameter hose can be attached to it. With a traditional hose pipe attached, there can be a continuous discharge of water from the dryer during operation.


Compact design and small size is a major advantage of this device. From small apartments to big houses this machine can be used everywhere. This particular model comes with comparatively large load capacity when compared to the product size.

2 different heat settings give great control to the user and is an absolutely desirable feature.

Mobility wheels make transportation within rooms very easy. Presence of hose vent allows easy discharge of water that has been extracted from the clothes. Easy access filter makes cleaning the filter easy for the user.

Timer with 140 minutes of drying time makes use easy for the operator.


Energy efficiency is not this models strongest feature. Rated at an energy class C, it uses a large amount of energy for its operation and has a high operational cost associated.

Load capacity of 3 kg is undesirable for big or moderate size families. Need multiple runs for drying a moderately large number of clothes which can easily be dried in machines with higher loading capacity in fewer runs.

Noise generated is rated at 64 dB is large for domestic use and causes auditory discomfort to the user.

2. White Knight B44AW 6kg Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer

White Knight B44AW 6kg Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer


The model comes with a 6 kg drying capacity, which is a large drying capacity and can be used to remove moisture from heavy clothing or a large sum of clothes.

This model has an energy efficiency rating ‘B’, which is a good grade for tumble dryers, popularly known for high energy consumption.

Product dimensions measure 53 x 59.6 x 85 cm.

Energy requirement is rated at 2.5 kW; therefore power consumption is not considered to be very high and therefore incurs nominal operational costs for electricity.

The product boasts reverse action, which is attributed to faster and better drying when compared to traditional tumble drying, Making it one of the Best tumble dryers.

Has 2 different heat setting thereby allowing the user to choose the heating required as per textile present.

This product additionally comes with free delivery within the UK.

The discharge vent is situated on the back of the dryer, which can be attached to a hose and used for discharge of condensed water collected from drying operation of the tumble dryer.


This product is known for great service and long coverage of both the parts and the labour.

Has large 6 kg load capacity which is sufficient for drying a large number of clothes or heavy fabrics using single operation.

Comes with 2 heat settings allowing easy and desired control of the machine by the user.

The product is easy to accommodate and easy to install, thereby allowing it to be easily shifted if required.

Easy access vent allows quick and easy discharge of unwanted water extracted from the garments.

Reverse tumbling allows moisture to be wicked from the clothes easily without much difficulty. It is also attributed to faster drying of clothes and textiles.

Energy efficiency rating ‘B’ is the desired rating for tumble dryers and has a wattage of 2.5 KW. Therefore has low operational costs associated and saves money when used for a long period of time.


Just like the most tumble dryer, this model generates loud noise during operation.

Lack of advanced type of heating like ultrasonic heating which requires one third the time for drying operation.

The absence of timer which allows the user to delay operation of the tumble dryer as per suitability and requirement of the user.

This product does not come in several colour options, which restrict user choice and customization.

3. Beko DC7112W 7kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

Beko DC7112W 7kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer


Large load capacity of 7 kg allows you to have numerous clothes dried in a single operation. This prevents repeated running and thereby allows you to save cost incurred in electricity consumption.

This tumble dryer is condenser type and used heated dry air for absorbing moisture from the clothes.

Energy efficiency is rated B and therefore saves quite a lot of energy during daily operation.

The number of temperatures available for heating operation is two. One is for cotton, which can withstand high temperatures and another for delicate fabrics and textiles.

Product dimension is 54 x 60 x 85 cm and weighs 35 kg, thereby having a small size and therefore easy to accommodate even in small apartments.

Water tank for condensation collection is situated on the bottom left-hand corner. There is an additional vent for quick and continuous removal of water from the machine.

Easy to clean filter is present making cleaning operation simple for the user.

This product has an economic price making it one of the Best tumble dryer.

This product also comes with free delivery within the UK.

This model is the free-standing type and does not require additional support.


Load capacity for this model is 7 kg. This is an excellent load capacity for a tumble dryer. Most tumble dryers offer lesser load capacity.

Decent energy saving capability, with an energy rating of ‘B’, one can be assured of nominal operational costs.

Price of this product is very economical and easily affordable to people, the product has free delivery within the UK.

Product dimensions suggest the small size and therefore can be easily accommodated in a house without any major difficulty.

Two different temperatures available in this product which allows varying drying temperatures for different material.


Noise generated is quite high like most tumble dryers and this model does not have any special feature to reduce noise emissions.

The weight of this product is 35 kg, which makes it quite difficult to move from one place to another. Therefore portability is a major disadvantage of this model.

Not many options provided to choose the runtime for drying operations.

The mechanical latch for the door can be improved upon and ease of access to filter is not the best available in the market.

4. White Knight C44A7B 7kg Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer

White Knight C44A7B 7kg


Undoubtedly one of the finest and Best tumble dryer. This model comes with a 7kg load capacity. This is great load capacity, hence you will be able to accommodate a large number of clothes and beddings in this machine and dry in a single use.

Energy efficiency class is rated ‘C’, which allows users to save a decent amount of energy. The power consumption of this machine is rated at 519 kWh per annum. Therefore energy required for each operation is quite affordable although operational coast is on the higher side.

There are 2 different heat settings allowing the user to choose temperatures for cotton and other sorts of delicate textile fabrics.

Noise emitted is lower than most tumble dryers and stand at 62 dB.

Product dimension is 53cm deep x 59.6cm wide x 85cmand hence requires little space for accommodating the machine.

Additionally, easy access filter is present which allows quick cleaning of the filter. There is vent kit available with this model which allows easy discharge of water from the condensation collection tank.

Runtime for drying operation takes 130 minutes. Timer available is of 140 minutes, which allows the user to plan the dryer’s operational schedule as per the suitability of the user.


The product is in black colour and is available for free shipping within the UK.

Huge load capacity of 7 kg, which is desired to dry a large number of clothes at a time.

Separate heat settings allow the different material to be treated differently. Timer provided within the dryer helps in easy operation.

Easy access filter helps in efficient maintenance of the tumble dryer.

Vent kit provided with this model of tumble dryer can be installed to provide continuous discharge of water from the dryer.

Low noise emission does not cause disturbance or discomfort to the user. Works effectively with low noise emission.

Special features like final cool down tumble and ellipse style tumbling options are also present in this model.

Price of this product which is very economical, when compared to the other technical specifications makes it the Best tumble dryer.


Energy efficiency grading of this device is low and rated C. Therefore there will be nominal cost savings when it comes to reducing electricity costs.

Noise emission although lower than most models, cause difficulty during a long operation.

Quality of the tumbler or wash drum provided is not of good quality as observed in some cases.

Lack of advanced drying options and special high-end features.

5. Beko DRVT71W Freestanding Front-Load C White – Tumble Dryer


Tumble drying type is vented, which requires less energy and removed warm humid air from the dryer, filters it and directly discharges it outside through a hosepipe.

Drying capacity of the tumble dryer stands at 7 kg which is a large amount. It provides adequate drying capacity for one week’s clothes for a family of 4 people. It is also capable of catering to heavy textiles and bedding.

Energy efficiency is rated at C. Conserves a nominal amount of energy during operation. Annual energy consumption is rated at a 514-kilowatt hour.

The product weighs 31kg and has dimensions 60 x 54 x 85 cm. It is moderate in size when compared to average tumble driers and is sized wisely for domestic use.

The product has a huge internal tumbler volume of 104 litres. This allows numerous clothes to be accommodated for drying at a single operation.

Noise emission is rated at 66 dB and does not have a specialized mode for noise reduction.

This model is available in white colour and applicable for free shipping within the UK.

Special features include child lock and adjustable feet which allows this device to be positioned properly. This feature helps the device to be positioned appropriately close to windows to ensure quick and easy discharge of water vapour.

This model also has a reverse tumbling feature which rotates the tumbler in opposite direction during operation. Over this feature, this dryer also has filter indication lights which allow the user to know if the filter needs change.


The huge loading capacity of 7 kg and tumbler volume of 104 litres allow you stay thought free of being able to accommodate a large number of garments in the dryer.

Advanced features such as child lock, adjustable feet, and filter light indicator simplify the operation for the user. This help not only in ease of operation but also in easier detection and prevention of problems related to the dryer.

Tumbler is made up of high-quality steel and the product has free delivery within the UK.

Vented type drying uses less time and energy compared to condenser type dryer.

Product size and weight are reasonable and allow easy transportation.

Options like reverse tumbling help in the quick and easy drying of the clothes.


66 dB noise emission is high and causes discomfort to the user during operation.

Energy rating C is not a decent rating for a tumble dryer and requires 514 KWh per year, thereby having high associated operational cost.

Drying time required is high compared to ultrasound dryers.

6. Bosch WTW863S1GB Tumble Dryer


With an A++ energy saving rating, you don’t need to ever think about operational costs. This tumble dryer is one of the best tumble dryers. With A++ rating, this dryer uses a mere 212-kilowatt hour per annum. Heat pump technology incorporated is also responsible for energy savings.

Product weight is 53kg and measures 59.8 x 63.9 x 84.2 cm in dimensions. This product is available for free shipping within the UK.

Tumbler dryer load capacity stands at 7 kg and tumbler volume stands at 112 litres. With this vast storage space and loading capacity, it is easy for drying clothes of a large family.

65 dB of noise is generated during operations which are the average noise emission standard for tumble dryers. Eco silence drive presents dampen noise in this dryer.

This product manufactured by Bosch has a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.

Product’s drying performance is rated B.

The condenser present is self-cleaning; the tumbler has sensitive drying option, which allows the clothes to be dried without roughening them.

Touch sensitive buttons and special programs improve the overall user experience. Super quick 40 option allows close to 40 clothes to be dried within a short span of 40 minutes.

Anti-vibration design helps in reducing noise and 24 hour start/delay timer improves the ease of operation of the device.


This model comes with a front load capacity of 7 kg. This large load capacity will help you to resolve your issues related to drying wet clothes with ease.

Very high energy efficiency, rated A++ is an unusually high grade for tumble driers known for using a huge amount of energy.

Huge range of temperatures to choose from. There are 15 temperatures available just to be used as per user’s discretion.

Has free shipping within the UK and comes with 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Has features like self-cleaning condenser, super quick drying, sensitive drying, delay timer, along with several other options


Noise generated is loud although technologies have been implemented to reduce it. 65 dB of noise makes it unsuitable to be placed close to places such as bedrooms.

Price of this product is on the higher end and costs nearly double the price of average tumble dryers.

Unless used in super quick dry mode, takes a long time for drying operations.

7. Hotpoint CDN7000P 7kg Load Condenser

Hotpoint Ltd CDN7000P 7kg Load Condenser


This tumble dryer comes with an above average drying capacity of 7kg, which allows you to dry huge quantity of clothes and other textiles at a time. Usually, it is more than enough to dry a week’s cloth for an average family of 4 people.

2 different temperatures to choose. Warmer temperatures are used for tough fabrics or for pure cotton. Cooler temperature is used for synthetics and delicate textiles like silk.

Energy rating C allows the user to save a decent amount of energy during operation. Specialized energy saving modes are unavailable in this tumble dryer.

The time required for drying on average takes 160 minutes.

The model comes in polar white colour, additional colour options are unavailable. This product has free shipping facility available in the UK.

Product dimension measures at 59.5 x 58.5 x 85 cm.

Timed drying and reverse tumble action are available which allows effective drying of the clothes. Final cool down tumble allows additional heat developed within the tumbler to be removed easily.

A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer for the product and has added 10-year warranty for the parts.

The product has low noise generation and has sturdy build with good design.


Large load capacity for clothes, sufficient tumbler volume to accommodate a good number of clothes for daily operation.

Low noise emission is definitely a big plus for this tumble dryer. In terms of low noise emission, it is one of the best tumble dryers.

Features such as tumble drying and reverse tumble drying simplify operation as it provides clothes with faster and better drying.

Final cool down tumble helps in easy removal of clothes without having the risk of getting exposed to warm air which may cause damage to the skin.

Energy rating is ‘C’.

Long years of part warranty is definitely a big advantage for this product, on top of that this model is available anywhere in the UK without shipping cost.


Cost of the product is slightly higher in comparison with the features available with this model of the tumble dryer.

The number of wash programs available is not sufficient and does not allow different treatment for different cloth types.

Drying temperatures are limited to only two options, warm and cool. This restricts user preference and control over the operation.

Energy efficiency of this model is less than ideal and has a high running cost in terms of electricity cost.

8. Beko DCR93161W 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


A huge amount of clothes can be accommodated at a time for drying due to the huge load capacity of 9 kg and a large volume of tumbler present in this model. This model is ideal for large families which need a large number of clothes that need to be dried.

Warranty coverage is applicable to the product for 1 year and the product is available for free delivery within mainland UK.

Average drying time ranges around 149 minutes per cycle.

Noise emission is rated at 66 dB.

Energy efficiency of this model is grade ‘B’, average yearly energy consumption is estimated at 616 kilowatt-hours per year. Additionally, the 24-hour delay timer is present to improve the user experience.

This particular model has front load access for clothes and has direct drain hose on the rear for the easy and continuous discharge of water collected from drying operation.

Special feature includes reversible door and allows easy entry and removal of clothes. Water tank full indicator allows you to know when to discharge water and help resume normal operation.

There are 16 special timer programs available in this model along with 11 special timed operations. Additional features include options for child lock, reverse action for better drying and auto cool down.

Tumbler is made up of galvanized steel, providing sturdiness to the model.

Can be used for drying heavy clothes like jeans as well as delicate textiles like silk.


Large tumbler volume and huge load capacity present, enough to meet the needs of big families.

Several modes present give the user a choice to make the best of the options provided. The user can choose options meant for particular cloth types.

Presence of direct hose allows efficient and continuous discharge of water from the machine. Sensor drying helps in detection of moisture and improves water removal from clothes.

Has warranty coverage for 1 year and is applicable for free home delivery.

A special feature like reverse spin, auto cool down, bi-directional spin, quick dry and child lock improves the overall user experience.


Energy efficiency is low for this model and graded ‘B’. Annual power consumption is 616 KWh.

Noise emitted is large and is advisable to keep in places like garage or basement to avoid any auditory discomfort.

Drying time is high and requires 149 minutes on an average for each drying cycle. Lack of special feature to bring down the time required for drying operations.

9. Zanussi ZDC8203W 8kg Load Condenser Tumble Dryer



This condenser type tumble dryer has 8 kg load capacity, which is more than the standard loading capacity for standard driers. This allows you to minimize the number of uses required as bedding, textiles and clothes can be accommodated at a single time.

B’ grade is provided to this model of tumble dryer for energy efficiency. It does a satisfactory job for energy conservation. Energy consumption annually is marked 560 KWh.

The product has LCD display for notifications, the product is available in white colour and is applicable for free delivery within the UK. Product dimension is 60 x 60 x 85 cm and weighs 39.8 kg

Tumbler volume is 118 litres and has sufficient space for large bedding and similar textiles.

Special programs help in wrinkle reduction and therefore dry clothes obtained develop minimal wrinkles on their surface.

The product is durable and easy to use with numerous settings to select from for drying.

This tumble dryer has easy access filter and allows easy collection of fluff. Great pull out drawer allows easy removal of collected water.

Feature for pausing ongoing operations and quick drying is also present in this model of the tumble dryer.


The volume of the tumbler and load capacity of the dryer is one of the best available in the market and is ideal for regular domestic use. This product can be used by a large family for their weekly usage.

LCD display allows the user to be notified of the ongoing operations and present settings of the machine.

Numerous options available to select temperature and drying setting which allow you to choose the best option that meets your exact need.

The product is lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. This product is applicable for free shipping within the UK.

Special features such as time dry allow controlling the duration of the drying cycle and auto crease program which helps reducing wrinkles in clothes.


560-kilowatt hour per annum energy consumption can be termed as large power consumption, therefore the operational cost of this product is on the higher side. Energy grading for this product is ‘B’, which is not a preferable energy efficiency grade.

Noise generated in the product is on the higher side and causes auditory discomfort. No special mechanisms are implemented in this product to noise emission.

Drying conducted is condenser type, which takes relatively higher energy and time compared to ultrasound driers.

Price of the product is on the higher end, similar models are available in the market at cheaper rates.

10. Bosch WTE84106GB 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Bosch WTE84106GB


This product manufactured by Bosch has a 7 kg load capacity with condenser type dryer.

The product has 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and free delivery within the UK.

This tumble dryer weighs 45 kg and measures 59.8 x 63.9 x 84.2 cm in dimension.

Energy efficiency grading is rated ‘B’ and consumes 504-kilowatt-hour of power annually.

Sensitive drying option allows even and soft drying of the clothes.

The auto dry option allows the clothes to be dried exactly to the point required. Anti-crease option prevents wrinkles to be developed during tumble operation.

Anti-vibration technology present in this model of tumble dryer limits noise level to 66 dB.

Condensation efficiency is rated B, which is a decent rating for a tumble dryer.

Has low heat setting to prevent excessive heating and damage to delicate clothes or textiles.

The external hose can be attached to this model to ensure steady and continuous discharge of water from the dryer.

Dryness setting can be altered, depending upon the duration of drying the temperature within the tumbler also increase. This option makes it one of the Best tumble dryer.

The energy requirement for heating is different for different type of textile and the type of loading. At half load capacity, pure cotton clothes require 2.3 KWh of power for drying.


Spacious tumbler capacity and large loading capacity allows a large number of clothes to be dried at a single run. It has enough space to dry a family’s weekly clothes in a single operational cycle.

Presence of high-end sensors allows drying operations to be exact in nature and cater to the users need.

The product is covered for 2 years under warranty and has free delivery within the UK.

Special features like sensitive drying for delicate clothing and bedding, auto dry option for maintaining exact dryness quotient, auto crease for wrinkle removal makes it an ideal tumble dryer and one of the Best tumble dryer uk.

Presence of 12 different programs and 2 different temperature settings help in improving the user experience.

Energy consumption for cotton clothes at half load is economically beneficial as power consumption is relatively lower.


66 dB of noise generated is above standard noise generation. Noise generated is loud enough to cause discomfort to the user. Condenser type dryer takes longer duration for drying clothes compared to hybrid or ultrasound driers.

Energy efficiency and condenser cycle efficiency are both rated ‘B’, both can be considered as below average parameter when compared to the price of the product.

Price of the product is on the higher side although no exceptional feature is present.


The above-given list consists of some of the Best tumble dryers. Individuals can look at the technical specifications for the above-stated products and choose the one that is best suited for them. It is advised to compare the products across the essential parameters to assure the best buy. It is also advised to compare the pros and cons of each product.


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