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Simulated Pearls vs Natural Pearls

Like all precious things pearls a shining example of style and sophistication which showcase the exquisite example of refinement and what a good taste means. The benefits of freshwater pearls, as opposed to simulated pearls, cannot be overstated.

Simulated or Natural Pearls?

In what seems like the battle of the natural against the manmade jewels, freshwater pearls come in different shapes and sizes, while simulated pearls lack any deviation to their sizes. That freshwater pearls come in a different array of sizes offer users a lot of options as far as choice making. They range between 2 mm and 10 mm, thereby offering individuals plenty of flexibility when it comes to sporting the desired looks. The variation the sizes of freshwater pearls mean that people can seek the most attractive size that matches their taste.

Simulated Pearls

Simulated Pearls

While simulated pearls appear to have no difference in colour from one pearl to another, freshwater pearls produce the widest array of colours. Freshwater pearls have dozens of colours which occur naturally. The body of freshwater pearls can be creamy white or coloured (which in turn could be orange, purple, pink and yellow). Although it is worth pointing out that the most commonly found colours on the retail market include white, lavender, black (dyed) and peach colours. While freshwater pearls also include an overtone colour, simulated pearls are flat in tone.

Similarly, simulated pearls lack the luminosity of freshwater pearls and do not reflect light as well as freshwater pearls do. Although simulated pearls tend to look shiny themselves, they just do not show depth and true lustre like freshwater pearls do. Well, it is always a difficult task beating the original.

Natural Pearls

Natural Pearls

In terms of shape, freshwater pearls have many different shapes as its entire range is not exactly round. Some freshwater pearls are off-round while others are also round, except that they are not absolutely rounded. Freshwater pearls also come in other shapes like the teardrop shaped and the oval shaped ones. Simulated pearls, on the other hand, do not offer you this much variety.

Like a true copy, simulated pearls seldom give themselves away under magnification as the materials with which they are made such as silver of glass or plastic tend to visibly show at the edge of the hole where it is strung. Sometimes, a slide separation from the bead tends to reveal that the chips of the simulated pearl can even be missing. Fears all of which you need not feel with freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls offer a sense of security and comfort at all times regardless whether the individual is in a gathering or by themselves.

Like all the creations of man, simulated pearls are sometimes not very reliable as there are concerns as to how long they could last and what material they are made of. Freshwater pearls, on the other hand, packs everything original. You hardly would lose sleep over worries of it wearing out or going bad. Freshwater pearls display nature at its finest.

Otomo is proud to only stock natural pearls.


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