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Guide to Bridal Pearls

For many, wearing a strand of pearls or a pearl choker necklace on your wedding day is a time honoured tradition, but where does this tradition originate from and how did it start?  Like many traditions, pinning down the exact origin can be difficult and there are many theories as to why pearls are associated with brides on their wedding day.  The saying goes that pearls are worn to "take away the bride's tears", to ensure a happy tear free wedded life. 

Bridal Pearls

The Greeks believed pearls promoted marital bliss as pearls symbolize love, happiness, success and purity.  It's easy to understand where this symbolize comes from, you need only look at a pearl to appreciate the purity of them and how they can conjure thoughts of happiness and success.

Bridal Pearls

There is, of course, the legendary tale of Cleopatra dissolving a pair of pearl earrings in a glass of wine in order to win a bet with Marc Anthony.  This may have also been part of her ploy to seduce him,

Knights on the battlefield wore pearls to protect themselves as it was believed they had magical powers.

The Romans held pearls in very high regard, considering anyone who possessed them to have large amounts of wealth and high social standing.

During the Renaissance, there were even laws passed forbidding anyone but the nobility from wearing pearl bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings or any other jewellery on their wedding day.

The English royalty has also served to increase the desire for pearls jewellery on your wedding day.  Queen Elizabeth II, Sarah Ferguson and Kate Middleton all wore pearls on their wedding day in one form or another.

All of these factors likely lead in some way to influence the tradition of wearing pearl jewellery by the bride on their wedding day.

So what kind of pearls can be worn during a wedding?

Pearl Necklace

A classic option is to have a single strand of white pearls for your necklace, which is perfect for those trying to conjure the vintage wedding look.  If you'd like to get away from tradition why not try a multi-colour pearl necklace or a chunky pearl necklace, both can serve to add a bit of variety to a wedding look.

Pearl Bracelet

A pearl bracelet is a fantastic option for those wanting to go for the understated subtle option.  You can find a huge variety of pearl bracelet styles, from Biwa pearl bracelets through to pearl and diamond combinations, this can be an excellent option if you want to bring some attention to the expensive manicure you had done.

Pearl Earrings and Necklace Set

If you want to feel like a princess then a pearl earring and necklace set can be the perfect option.  The necklace and earrings will complement each other wonderfully and they can do wonders to enhance your appearance and highlight makeup and cheekbones.  A pearl drop earring and necklace set can be a great option. 


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