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My Honest Hip Hop Abs Review

Hip hop abs is the new sheriff in the fitness world. The simplicity of the whole routine on video thrills many who have worked on fat loss for years. You could have also seen the several videos that feature on the Hip hop abs review online. However, there is a catch; this is not your regular dance routine!

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What is the hip hop abs review?

The developer of the video-Shaun Thomson has been working on strategies to reduce the instances of fat on the belly with well formed abs as his key selling point. While the fun apart of it makes it one of the most engaging fat loss routines, the abs is a mix of various activities that work to the benefit of the one intending to cut fat.  The belly fat problem is common; eliminating it requires the resilience and determination. The hip-hop abs is a video made to help ease the strain of losing fat by engaging the individual in meaningful dance activities. There are some features that you will note with the fat loss routine. However, in our review, we touch on its holistic nature.


In this Hip Hop Abs Review we'll cover some of the exercise that comes with the hip hop abs video includes the following;
  • Total body workout that involves a dance mechanism that covers both the cardio and the body mass. The main reason here is to target the ab areas.
  • Cardio activities the full range of aerobics that the videos come with help in burning fat while having fun. These include the total body burn, the fat burning session, the hip, buns and the thighs and the winding up routines.
  • A 30-day fat loss plan that is comprehensive with several tips that take you step by step.
  • Low impact- unlike other high-intensity cardiac activities, the use of hip hop abs is low impact and cannot have any adverse effects on the health of the user.
  • Tested fat loss mechanism- the cardiac methods in the abs are found to work safely for the different users who have tried it.
  • Convenient- because it involves dancing, following each and every step in the routine is easy and requires no use of any equipment as well.
  • It is Easy and involves no tiring body sit-ups.
  • There is no need to worry about dieting, eat as much with the hip hop abs guide.
  • It can help one lose weight faster through the slim down program.
  • It is safe as it involves no use of machinery.
  • The fun part of the abs workout routine that makes it enjoyable to the one working out.
  • The workout achieves the fat loss within a short period.
  • The video quality at times disappoints.
  • The insanity and the T25 present a shorter than expected version.
  • The video has Poor sound quality.


For those who wish to learn dancing, this is a perfect chance to try it out while targeting to lose fat as well on the upper and the lower body. Like in my case, trying other intense workouts may not be to your advantage. Some other strategies like cross fit and dieting may work in the market. However, take it from me, and the several hip hop abs review online point to a routine with immense success. You can try it out.


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