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Know the Inside Story of Pearl Pendants

Pearls have always been a desirable piece of jewel among women of all ages. But what surprises one and all is that, where do they actually come from, or how do they originate. Behind every precious stone, there is a surprising story behind, like for e.g. diamond stones are very precious and very expensive since we think they are rare. But the truth is that diamonds are found in abundance in the mines of South Africa, but then just so that it does not lose its value, the investors' portrayed diamonds as rare stones, which justifies there the reason for pricing diamond so high.

Similar to this, pearls also have a very surprising story for you; the general public is under the impression that the fine pearl jewelry is made from pearls that are grown in oyster clams which are found beneath the water; however the truth is that pearls that are used to make pearl jewelry are called cultured pearls, now these are certainly not natural pearls. These cultured pearls are actually what is used in order to make pearl jewellery such as pearl necklaces, pearl pendants, pearl rings, or diamond jewellery

Akoya and South Sea Pearls are the types of cultured pearls that are considered to be of top most quality, however, they are not considered unique or special. Black Pearls are something that is rare to find because it is hard to mass grow them, they are considered very special and unique because of there rarity.

Pearl Pendant Necklace

If you have plans to buy pearl pendants, then your best option is to go to online jewellery stores, where you could find a huge collection of pearl pendants available at the best price. In fact, you could also find black pearls which are very rare and almost impossible to find in a brick and mortar store.

If you have plans to gift your sweet love a beautiful pendant, then the best options are, either you could go with diamond pendants or designer pearl pendants; white gold pearl pendants are also a great choice, which you could choose from.

The Pearl Difference

Most of the gems and precious metals we have today came from the surface of the earth. A pearl is different because it was produced by a living organism that was found in the depths of the sea (although nowadays there are pearls produced by molluscs and oysters living in freshwater). It is truly unique because it's the only gem that is 100% natural. It is handed to you in its pure form and does not require intensive polishing compared to silver, gold, or diamond.

So why not own a piece of a pearl? Start off your collection with pearl pendants. It will give you so much pride if you could own one. These pendants are not only eye-catching; it can also serve as a conversational piece since most people ask about the type or origin of a pearl when they see one.

Pendant Styles

Pearl pendants come in multiple shapes. The famous round pearls are actually the expensive ones. They are called the "spherical" type. Pear-shaped ones are "asymmetrical" types and the irregularly shaped ones are referred to as "baroque". These pearls are also named according to their place of origin. For example, Akoya pearls are cultured in Japan while South Sea pearls are produced in the black oysters of the South Sea.

For ladies who are simple and sweet, single pearl pendants are a perfect choice. Little dangling ones are usually worn by younger girls while big round ones are worn by older women for a more confident and mature look. For those that desire a more intricate design, they can feast their eyes on pearls set in silver or gold. Some classy ones would choose those pearls surrounded by diamonds or other precious stones.

Perfect Gifts

Giving pearls as gifts would be truly romantic. It is perfect as a birthday gift for your mother or an anniversary gift for your spouse. In fact, it is a symbol of victory in itself. Give it to any woman who still manages to smile and laugh after rising above pain and obstacles. She would be likened to an oyster that has turned its misfortune into a beautiful object.

Since a pearl is a birthstone for the month of June, it is the favourite jewellery worn by brides on their wedding day. Its shining lustre brings radiance to the white gown of the bride and reflects the happy aura of her eyes as well.

What a magnificent way to show your love and affection to the women close to your heart if you give them pearl pendants as gifts. Even for the next generation and beyond, pearl genuine beauty will never go out of style.

When to Wear Your Pearl Pendant

Pearl pendants can be worn anytime and in any occasion. In addition, it can be paired with any type of attire. Here are a few examples of when you can wear your elegant pearl pendant.

Pearl pendants make for an elegant and eye-catching accessory during prom night. Pearls may symbolize a new phase in the life of a lady. The gentle lustre of the pearl will accentuate her beautiful personality, making it the perfect night for her to shine.

Bridesmaids also often wear a pearl pendant during the special day of her best friend. This pearl pendant is usually given to her as a gift by the bride. In this case, it serves as a token of appreciation for her much-needed presence in the wedding. It may also serve as a symbol of friendship between the bridesmaid and the bride.

Pearl pendants are also perfect for dinner dates or night outs with the family. They never fail to enhance the beauty of the wearer and thus attract the attention of the people around her. They can be paired with casual wear or with the most formal evening gowns.

Businesswomen who attend important meetings and conferences also wear pearl pendants which are often perceived as a symbol of calmness and grace under pressure.

Pearl pendants are also passed on from generation to generation as something to wear during weddings. The gem has been a symbol of lasting love.

Couples also wear it as a symbol of commitment to one another. Pearl pendants can be journey pendants reminding one of the years they have been through and are yet to go through as a couple.

Shopping for Pearl Pendants

It must be clear what kind of pearl you want to have as a pendant. Pearls come in different shapes and sizes. The choice may depend on the preferences of the giver or the one who will be wearing it.

Pearls may be round, button-shaped, or teardrop shaped. Colours come in classic shades of white, cream, gold, black, and silver. Others may come in trendy hues like pink, lavender, green, or black. The sizes of pearls also vary. Some may be as small as a few millimetres in diameter, while others may be as big as one to two centimetres. Note that the bigger the pearl, the heftier the price in general.


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