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Have You Considered Pearl Wedding Accessories For Your Wedding?

If you like many others out there, love all things pearl, you may want to consider incorporating it into your wedding. There are many ways that you can do this, and by doing so, you stand out from the rest and your family and friends can immediately recognise your signature style.

Bridal Pearls

First of all, there is the obvious use of pearl jewellery in your wedding ensemble. You may get a multi-strand pearl necklace to adorn your neck. If multi-strand is too much, then opt for an elegant strand of cultured pearls instead. Or you could even have a pearl drop necklace if a strand of pearls clashes with your wedding dress.

Bridal Pearls

For your fingers, what better way to accentuate them than to wear a solitary pearl ring? Pearl rings set in 18 karat gold setting are quite the popular choice. A look that is both elegant and refined. Freshwater pearl drop earrings can become quite the family heirloom. An instant dash of glamour is added with these earrings. And don't forget your wrists. Adorn your wrist with an exquisite gold and cultured pearl bracelet, guaranteed to bring the oohs and aahs from friends and family.

Wedding Pearl Designs

Pearls today are considered stylish jewels. You will be surprised at the variety of colours, shapes, and designs that manufacturers have created with them. There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings made from pearls. Aside from the usual white and cream, different colours have emerged such as black, Gray, red, green, gold, yellow, and blue. The pearl bracelets also vary from round, potato, button, pear, or egg-shaped ones.

There are a lot of fake or imitation pearls out there in the market, but it is best to purchase natural or cultured pearls. They are worth the investment you will make. These pieces are timeless and elegant. In fact, it can even be handed down to your children for generations to come.

Some of the designers would mix the pearl jewels with other stones and gems as well. For example, you might see crystals and small balls of gold or silver alternately strung together with the pearl pieces. Others might have some chain, charm or bangle to accentuate it. Furthermore, some would put together 2 or 3 strands of these pearl bracelets to form a unique and trendy accessory.

Besides being worn as jewellery, pearl accessories can be worn in other ways. For starters, you can get a veil that is adorned with pearl baubles. A refreshing take on wearing a wedding veil! If a veil is not your style, then you can always get a comb or a headband adorned with small clusters of pearls and crystal, perfect to make you look like the princess for your big day. Also available are hairpins topped with pearl clusters. Shop around and you will find many accessories for your hair that has incorporated pearls.

If you are wearing gloves for your wedding, look for small detailing like pearl buttons on your gloves. Not too obvious, but delicate and perfect for you. Brides now carry small bags or clutches with them on their big day. These clutches can also be embellished with pearl beads or faux pearl detailing which are exquisite.

And what's a perfect bride without the perfect shoes? Pearl encrusted sandals will complete your look. You will be the belle of the ball walking down the aisle. And just like the pearl, your beauty will be timeless and refined.

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