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Engagement Rings UK Buying Guide

So where does it all starts? When do you think we actually feel the need for writing this article on buying a perfect engagement ring? This article is a result of many activities done beforehand. Those activities start with liking, loving each other and then come to the idea of an engagement ring. The relationship is taken to the next level through this step. This step proves out to be a very important one as the boy and the girl both are trying to understand each other’s taste and likings for the rings. The proper and perfect solution is what each of them individually wants. This is where the men face problems as to what should be offered to the princess of their dreams. Well, here I am to solve all your problems related to the technical words of the Jewelry world and understanding the steps of a process which will enable them to purchase a ring which is going to be as perfect as that of the princess of the gentlemen. Let’s start the incredible hunt then! Let us search for the minute elements which make a big difference in the purchasing of a perfect ring for one’s girl!

Money! Money and some more money!

This is the first and foremost aspect which a person must consider before making a purchase of an engagement ring. Putting this, in other words, I would say it’s your budget estimation that will decide the type of ring you are going to purchase for your girl. The budget marks the first step of this process as this is going to put a bar on the last limit which you can spend on the engagement ring. This is where the differences arise. In case you have allocated very less budget to the ring, the quality will also be lowered in the same way. The more the budget ready to be spent upon, the more will be the quality of the product.

The next thing that is required to be understood is that you must have a budget defined in your mind for the purpose of buying the ring. This should be the maximum amount that you can spend on the ring. This allows you to have certain benefits. The first benefit is that you are very clear in your mind that which range should be fixed for you. The jeweller will be facilitated in advance and his work gets more focused on the product range you are interested in.

The other benefit is that this will stop you from falling in the trap of the marketing agents of the jewellery company. They will try to grease you and tell you to increase your budget in front of partner or even in personal emotional persuasion but you should be telling them that this is all you have segregated for this purpose. This will help you in staying away from unnecessary spending more on the engagement ring. You will be running things according to your plan and course of action. Remember, an engagement ring is just the beginning of the process. Do not overspend that will make you debt-ridden later. Plan well in hand and decide a budget.

Negotiation is the key to win not only an argument but also an engagement ring. Yes, undoubtedly you can bargain with your jeweller regarding the price of the ring. Your ring can be modified according to you and that can also let you lower the price if some specifications are not required in the ring. A girl who truly loves you will never fall for the ring, but for the thoughts that her man puts in buying her that ring. The type of ring you decide should be an elegant one, something which you can afford and the one for whom it is made likes it. That is the whole agenda behind purchasing it. It is not about showing off or getting into debt, it is about showcasing your love to her and making her realize that she is the one worthy of the next level.

A smart girl would always like her husband to spend more on a honeymoon package them on a rock. The bond gets established when the ring is put into her hands. Now the ring can be of diamond, platinum, and sapphire or emerald it will establish the same bonding between the two individuals if they truly love each other. Now I am not saying that you should buy any crap and put it on her ring finger, but do set a limit to the expenditure on the engagement ring. Buy which you can afford. If you want to propose just do it. Don’t give too much thought upon spending heavily.

Spicing things up

Who doesn’t love surprises? When someone does something unexpected for you, with all the preparations you feel really amazed and happy and teary and a wide range of emotions just tuck into your mind. Girls like things which are emotionally driven. All the thoughts put in to make the situation a memorable one is something that they will cherish for their lifetime. This quality makes them different from their counterparts. But the counterparts should realize that if they want a memorable and fully enjoyable married life, then they should make an effort in this direction. Give her a surprise. Research on what she likes to wear? Which metal does she wear the most? What is her style statement? And all this will lead to a grand proposal ceremony which she will never forget them.

Get her a ring which fits her!

You must never make this mistake of getting a ring which is a complete misfit. This is going to put you in trouble. Okay, let’s get it straight that every girl does dream of this day in her dreams. She really wants a perfect marriage proposal thing to happen to her. And the engagement ring which is completely a misfit can impact the decision she will make to say that ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This makes the fit an important aspect to be considered before gifting it to her for that big occasion. But that does not make it a dead end. You can go to the jeweller again and with some money put in, you can always get it reshaped in the perfect size. If you want to maintain the surprise component for your future wife, you can get a ring which she does not wear enough and give it to the jeweller so that the size problem gets sorted out and she gets impressed by your acumen. The amount of effort you put in will determine how much she is going to turn you in for in the proposal. It is not the money that will matter here, but the efforts of yours. So all the guys out there do know the perfect size of your mate or else you will fail big time when you get on your knee.

Understand and research her style

Girls really like to wear jewellery, normally. Some like to wear all the glittery and grand while some keep it decent and elegant which goes along with the dresses. There are some who do not like wearing these sorts of things at all. Being a man you should know what your gal likes. In case, you think you are short on that aspect. I advise you to go out and research. Getting a perfect engagement ring is a bit of work. Try noticing what she wears on her dresses. What kind of jewellery is her forte? Is she outgoing and likes to show things to her friends and family or a geeky one who likes the thought put in much over the type of ring chosen? Try understanding whether she likes more of gold, platinum, silver or any other gems.

She might also like to wear her birthstone as jewellery over all the other things. All these questions can only be answered when you notice her day by day. You can also take her straight to a mall where you can act like you are for buying a shirt for yourself and you can pass by any jewellery shop you pass by where you can just stop to window shop. There you have a chance of understanding what she likes and what kind of design is she much more likely to admire. Making a note of all the glances and reviews she gives for the different types can really help you in going a long way not only with the purchasing of things but in making her fall for you even more. Just make sure that you do not let her get any hint of your hidden ideas behind the visit. You can genuinely go out shopping for your mother and ask her randomly it would have been for her what she would have chosen? All these questions will guide you towards taking a reliable decision.

Engaging the band!

There are a number of options available in the market for the type of the ring band to be attached to the main stone. These bands are available in yellow gold, platinum, rose gold, white gold and silver. All these bands have their own specific characteristics and price tag too. There is an option to go for a mix of all these metals also in case you want it all in one. Go for the one which will suit your gal the best. All you need to remember is that every metal has a silver lining and a dark lining. That wasn’t funny? Was it? Anyways, look for the advantages and disadvantages of the metals and then choose the one band for your gal. For example, platinum is a long-term metal which does not fade out soon, but once it does, you cannot bring back its lustre back. Platinum is a strong metal and will last for longer time. On the other hand, gold is a weak metal in its comparison. It can be gifted but it will reduce over time to become thinner and thinner in size. It will make you spend some more bucks on the same ring after 10 or 12 years to get it redesigned and bring it back in its shape. However, the lustre property of the gold is very good. You can get it back from rusting in its original shape and colour. Think whether both of you would like to go for the long-term durability of the metal or the design aspect which is going to affect the choice of your gal.

According to the recent trends going on in the market, silver bands are really in vogue. If you have someone who is hype and in touch with the trends, get her a silver band and she will be more than happy and if she is more of earthy and classic sort of a girl, then you can go for traditional bands of yellow gold metal.

The four C’s of engagement ring

After identifying the type of band which you want to gift her, we will try to find out the other important aspects to be seen in the making of the ring. These aspects are called the 4 C’s of the engagement rings which make us identify that the ring purchased is a worthy one for the value paid or not. Understand this art in a bit of detail as it is important not only from the viewpoint of a lover who wants to propose her girl, but buying a quality product so that no one can fraud you in the process.

The 4 C’s are cut, clarity, colour and carat. These factors will determine the quality as well as the cost of the metal. Let us now choose the type of diamond which you will be choosing considering all these parameters.

Cut- Getting the cut is the human skill. All the other factors are embedded by nature into the stones but this C needs to be tackled properly. Diamond is the hardest substance present on earth. Cutting it at perfect angles and with precision allows it to look shiny and reflect light all the time. If the cutting work is not done properly, it leads to failure of the diamond to shine properly. The cutting ensures that even in the minimum light, the diamond will shine because of the angles at which it is cut. Cut defines the authenticity of the ring and the wearer too. Therefore, mind it as to who is cutting the metal for your ring. Get in touch and figure out that they are as professional as your girl will be showcasing the ring to a number of friends and relatives. There are a number of diamond cutters and merchants available, you can go through the list of the cutters and choose the showrooms which have the best of the cutters so you get a stone well carved and beauteous. Get the first step right first. This will help you being ready for the second.

Colour- Yes! Diamonds come in many colours. Choose the one which you like according to the research you did on your girl and by looking at your pocket. Though I have already dedicated one section to this aspect there is a constant need to remind you peeps with this aspect as it is very likely and tempting for you to go easy on that aspect. Getting back to the point, the colours are segregated from D to Z where D shows the maximum colour of the metal and Z is colourless. Colourless diamonds are very expensive and rare. But then you are already guided by this aspect that goes for the one which you can afford and look out for the sort of colours she would want to wear. One good place where you can search for these can be the wedding albums as these things are not worn on a daily basis. Get on with a microscope and identify what is it that she likes to wear. A yellow one or a bluish diamond or no diamond at all! A tedious task to do indeed, but figuring things out is not that hard once you get down to work.

Clarity: that is why I suggested you to go for a professional who is a brilliant shaper. Clarity in diamonds is very important. The more the clarity of the metal, the more will be its brilliance. The good quality of a diamond is judged when it is able to reflect or disperse the maximum light and it only happens when it is cut properly. Diamond exists in its natural form in the environment, the cutting and shaping is done by the humans and the angles at which it is cut defines its value. The well-cut diamonds have maximum clarity and are usually expensive in range. Just like the colour of the diamond is ranked from D to Z, in the similar way the diamonds are segregated on the bases of the clarity from SI1 to SI2.

A term which you will encounter while identifying the clarity is inclusion. The inclusions are the additions made to the original metal. The less the inclusions, the better will be the clarity of the diamond. Also, remember never purchase a diamond which has inclusions in the middle or at the top of the diamond as this will not make the diamond look brilliant enough and it will not be able to disperse light. Try buying diamonds which have the least amount of inclusions possible as the clarity matters. When your girl would wear the ring, her eyes should glam up with the brilliance of the metal. This is also an important aspect to be considered as any other relative of yours or your girl for that matter, who has an eye for the metal can easily reflect on this aspect which can impact your relation. Go for diamonds with less inclusion henceforth.

Carat- the weight of the diamonds is measured in the carat. The more the weight of the diamond, the more you are supposed to pay. Well, this is not something that you have to worry as all the good merchants know how to play with the dimensions of the diamond ring. Even with less weight of the diamond, you can make your ring’s diamond look quite big. Leave all that to professionals and you just sit back and enjoy coffee with your future fiancé.

I am in love with the shape of you!

Not only does the diamond present itself in various colours in the universe, but it also has different shapes which of course the merchants or the diamond cutters provide them. Shapes really matter! Who else would know this better than you guys? Right! Just like the 4 C’s that we just saw in the above section there are some shapes available to you to choose from. This step would require you to have the knowledge of the previous options which your girl has opted for while wearing her dresses. It is just according to those preferences that you are required to choose one shape for her. The shape of the ring can be round, oval, princess, pear and heart style.

Now it is totally the choosing part and the preferences, which will be the main guiding force in choosing the ring shape. There are no technical aspects involved, which need to be checked beforehand. Rings with round or princess style rock at the centre are the most popular type of shapes trending and most of the girls go for choosing this option. Yours can be a different one or the trendy one. Understand what she would like and once done communicate the same to the maker of the ring. That is it.

The setting part

Now when the band and the metal to be affixed on top or inside the ring are chosen, what is left is the setting. Which type of merger would you like it to be? Should it be Tiffany or an eternity band or a bezel, channel and pave’s setting. All these types of settings are allowed to you whom you can choose from. Each and every setting has its own unique proposition and looks lovely when chosen according to the personality which your girl carries. The setting should be such which will accentuate the beauty of the one wearing it. Both the ring and the girl must complement each other. This will happen only when you will do your homework properly. So it is all on you men! Tiffany started as a company and introduced its classic style through its very name. The simple band consisting of a small diamond at the top makes it look extremely elegant and grand all at the same time. It is one of the all the time favourite designs included by the merchants. The look is really classic and timeless. It can make any girl fall for it.

But wait! There are other options left.

The next arrangement is that of an eternity band. Instead of one big diamond placed at the top of the band, the eternity band has diamonds placed as beads in the band which makes it look pretty. The small diamonds can be signified with a vow with your girl and you can maintain that eternal bond with that eternal band that you put in her hand. This will strengthen your bond like anything.

Liked by the professionals, mostly comes our next setting in the row which is the bezel setting. This setting has a rim of the band encircled around the diamond. This rim can be shortened or can cover it completely. This gives a sense of protection and secure feel is the forte of this setting. You can go to this setting if it is a green signal from the type of rings your girl wears.

The next setting is a channel. Just like a channel small-small diamonds are placed on a channel which is made up of the band and the diamonds are fixed inside that band that holds it like a rim circling around. It is different from the eternity band as the latter has the diamonds fixed and rim supporting it. Diamonds set on a prong is a style in which channel setting would give if you want to opt for it.

Moving on to the final setting, we have pave which is pronounced as pa vay. A list of diamonds held closely together in the tight rim of the band with a slightly bigger diamond in the middle of the arrangement is pave setting. This setting looks bit traditional on the outside and can be liked by girls who are driven by values and traditions. All the settings are in trend and look cool when worn by your love. The love of the diamonds never fades away and no matter what and how they are arranged, they will look awesome either way. It is just about the one you like. Go for your choice.

Passing on heirloom

This option which is capable of taking the entire headache of choosing the perfect engagement ring out of your mind. All the above steps will be rendered useless if you have this savior option with you. Yes, there are family properties which are hired and given down to one generation to the other. This passing is usually seen in families with a rich cultural background and prosperous homes. So, in case you belong to a household which is royal or had held importance in the previous times can allow you to get rid of the extra burden. What is more exciting to know is that there will be no need to spend fortunes on the engagement ring as it is already ready and kept secured in the cupboard of your grandpa or grandma may be. You can always consult with your parents and the girl afterwards if there needs to be a change done in the settings of the ring. The mutual consent of the elders would make it even more prosperous for the good days to come. Blessings never go in vain and the heirloom would feel like the blessings of a number of generations passed on to the couple which will protect the bond. The feel of being an heir to a legacy is something different. It is just the ice that needs to be broken between you and the girl after proposing her.

No Diamonds please

Well, there are some iconoclasts too. There are always exceptions present in the universe. When everyone wants to go right, there are some minds that go left. So, if your girl is an exception and thinks that diamond is out of fashion. Don’t worry! I have got a whole lot of other options ready for you to decide from. There is sapphire, ruby, emerald and birthstone for that matter. But do check with the future better half if it will be okay with her. There are many girls who like birthstones to wear as their engagement rings. Also, you can also ask the parents of yours if they have an heirloom engagement ring as you have found the one girl you were looking for. This would need some planning, but then if she is the one they would come to know sooner or later. An heirloom can really make some girls feel special as there is a whole lot of history attached with the epitome of love. However, the style of the ring can be a problem which can of course be reframed and put into a new form if the girl feels like so.

Insuring the Engagement Ring

The precious thoughts and time taking the whole process is, the more complicated is the protection of this precious thing. It means a lot to you and your girl. This is the starting of a bond which you will savor for the rest of your life and this makes it imperative for you to secure it and protect it against any theft, damage or fraud. The engagement ring can mean a lot to a girl. This is something which they wait for their whole life and once it has happened, the effort should be of protecting it against all the odds. The option which was invented keeping this aspect in mind was that of the insurance of the engagement ring. Replacement is another option that both of you will enjoy. In case you want to pawn it and get on to some romantic getaway, then let me tell you that this is possible in all terms. With so much financial and investment aspect put in place, you are in no way compromising with this aspect of the step. This step is as important as the first step.

There is no alibi to this. Now let us what are the types of insurance that you can go for insuring your engagement ring. The options are listed as below:
Actual value Insurance: This insurance is a type of insurance which will record the depreciation incurred by the engagement ring and calculating the actual value year by year. It will take into consideration factors like inflation, wear and tear, etc. to calculate the actual value. That actual value is what you get in case you lose your ring. But again the reasons must be such written in the contract. The terms and conditions are binding on both the parties as the basic principle of the insurance companies is ‘Uberrame Fidei’. This option is considered to be the least expensive one in comparison with other methods.

Replacement policies: These are the policies which allow you to refund the current market value for the same product. Isn’t that amazing that you are paid the current price of the same article which was bought for less value back then. This type of policies usually let you stay in profit but only when the terms and conditions provided in the contract are followed properly. Any violation or tampering with the guidelines can lead to cancellation of the policies too. Such type of malpractices should be abstained from. Also, only a limited number of companies give you this option. Your merchant from whom you are buying the ring, or your own contacts will help you know such companies which offer the replacement insurance policy option.

Renter’s insurance policies: There are a number of homeowner’s and renters insurance policies which allow the individual to include items like an engagement ring in the insurance policy. There you get coverage over these items for a premium paid. Again the reasons for the lost, theft or misplacement must be according to the rules given in the contract of trust between both the parties. This will ensure that the price is paid for in time.

Remember, everything has a price tag attached. If you are taking an insurance policy, there surely should be a premium attached to it. So, it is a decision left at your discretion whether you want to opt for the insurance option or not. It is a recommended advice which couple should take seriously and should get them a policy which will keep the sign of their love safe and secure. Almost coming to the end of our article, we also need to discuss the last but not the least mistake which people do and because of which sometimes all the engagements are not taken up to the next level. All the endings are not happy. So, let me answer the question that what if due to some inauspicious events you are supposed to call out your wedding. Will the engagement ring be taken back by the merchants or the showrooms? Can you return it? Well, I think yes. It can happen only under some circumstances.

Not all the companies provide this facility of returning the ring after purchasing it from them. Talking about the laws of the state, every country has its own verdict on this matter. Most of the countries consider the engagement ring as a conditional gift and if the marriage is taken off due to any reason, the other party must return it to the owner of the ring. The ring can be taken back by some reputed companies. However, you are supposed to make sure that the contract provides for such returns and only then can such an arrangement be made possible.

There are a lot of sentiments attached to an engagement ring. It is considered as a true token of love which is legal too. This is advised to the individuals to take ample amount of time to think about the relationship they have and the bond they share with each other. This bond should not be given approval based on some infatuation or confusion about the future. Both the parties should be on the same side before taking up this decision for life. It is only then the whole process listed above comes into play and the guy starts the quest of finding the perfect token of love which he wants to present to the girl he loves and promises to love forever. The sentiments should not be made into a play. Not only sentiments, but this needs a lot of financial planning and it is a costly affair.

Diamonds cannot be bought every day to propose a number of others every day. Hence, please look out for strong reasons and the compatibility before going out and buying a ring. This concluding paragraph from the very base of the whole article and this is why it is discussed at the end as the foundation of the relations must be laid on strong bonding, compatibility of the spouse and the view of long-term mutual love to stay together. There are a number of companies out there who not only specialize in providing the perfect engagement ring according to your needs but also make it a memorable gist for both of you. Understand each other, see the connection and then start venturing out this bridle rod of love which will start with shopping of engagement ring for your loved one. Happy Shopping!

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