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Brazil Butt Lift Review: My Results and Thoughts

I started my Brazil Butt Lift journey a few months ago. Like allot of women, I dream of having the perfect behind, shapely, firm and resistant to the effects of gravity. My natural bottom disposition is have a slightly saggy bum, it’s by no means massive, but it can definitely look better. I’m familiar with a range of Beach Body workouts and the Brazil Butt Lift workout took my fancy, but can it really turn me into a Brazilian bottom model? So in this Brazil Butt Lift Review, we’ll take a closer look at the program elements, what it does and how well it does it.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: Calling All Butt Model Wannabe’s

It probably goes without saying that Brazil Butt Lift is primarily marketed to women, but men can get great results from this workout too. What man wouldn’t want a perfect behind? I just wanted to put that out there so that if there are any men considering this workout, they should go for it and not be put off by cliched marketing.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: My Figure

To add a little back story to this Brazil Butt Review, I’m a 5’5” woman in her early thirties and I until recently weighed in at 134 lbs. I would say that I wasn’t fat, I was just dumpier then I really wanted to be. Parts of me bulged which never used to bulge before and chin was slowly disappearing and merging with my neck. I hadn’t been to the gym for a few weeks… or was it months, I can’t quite remember. My diet was OK, I ate healthy vegetables but my portion control was not great. I cooked for four and ate for 1 1/2. It was time to invest some time back into my health and happiness.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: What’s Included

You have the choice of buying the DVD workout directly from Beach Body or from Amazon. I have an amazon prime account and I’m lazy, the price is pretty similar, so why bother signing up for another account? If you’ve ever bought a Beach Body workout before, you’ll know that they have a variety of purchasing options. From the Basic kit through to the Master Series Elite Kit, they tend to just add an extra DVD or some accessories. If you’re unsure as to what version to get, go with the Basic Kit. You get all the DVD workouts you’re every likely to need, which is the main reason for buying the DVD set in the first place. You’ll eventually want to start adding resistance and weights to the exercises, which is one benefit of the more expensive kits, however, you can easily buy these separately and it’ll cost you less.

Required Accessories

  • Resistance Bands are incredibly inexpensive.
  • Ankle weights can be bought for a small amount.

Optional Accessories:

  • Foam rollers – you either love them or hate them. I can’t get enough of the ridge rollers.
  • Yoga Mat – nobody wants to put their face on the floor.
  • Shakeology – meal replacement protein shakes. Other options are available.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: The Workouts

Leandro Carvalho has created several workouts which provide your whole body with an intense workout, you’ll work up a sweat and realise your buttocks are made up of several muscles, all of which can be targeted and shaped to your desire. It should be noted that the videos are sometimes a little bit cringe worthy, Leandro comes off as a bit creepy at times and the sets and music may cause you to unintentionally laugh. If you’re able to look past all of that, the DVDs contain some excellent workouts and Leandra provides some great advice on form and getting the best from your workout. The DVDs consist of seven types of workouts to be completed during your 60 day backside transformation programme: High & Tight: This is main workout for shaping and toning your backside. It really is a great workout and is one of my favourites on the DVDs. You’ll get the best results from this workout if you can incorporate a resistant band, especially as you get better and more used to the exercises. You may find some of the exercises surprising, but I can assure you they all work to exercise your butt in some way. Bum Bum: This workout is a mix between butt exercises and a serious cardio session. You’ll burn off fat as well as strengthen your core and bottom. Even though the exercises rely solely on body weight for resistance, it’s hard work at times, featuring a mix of squats, lunges and a few of Leandro’s signature moves. Sculpt: With this workout you’ll be toning and exercising your whole body and also incorporate weights for some needed extra resistance. You might begin to think that this workout will do little for your backside, but rest assured your bum is getting a good workout while also giving the rest of your body a much needed tone up. You might have the most amazing bottom but if the rest of your body is saggy then you’re letting yourself down, this workout fixes that. Bum Bum Rapido: You might think this is a shorter version of the Bum Bum workout, which it is in a way, but it also has quite a few unique exercises, so things will remain interesting. If you’re in need of a short workout which you can complete in 10 minutes, then this is a perfect choice. Cardio Axe: What better way to increase your overall fitness and burn away the fat than with a Brazilian dance cardio routine. Even if you’re not a great dancer, you’ll probably find this workout quite enjoyable. The moves are easy enough and the enthusiasm of the instructor is infectious, which means the workout will be over in no time at all and you’ll have completed a decent cardio workout without even realising it. Tummy Tuck: If you want a washboard stomach to go along with your perfect butt, then you need to pay attention to this workout. The ab workout is no pushover, and it’ll improve your stomach muscles over time, just don’t expect to enjoy the planks… unless that’s your kinda thing. The Basics: There’s not much to cover here. It’s not so much a workout, more of a guide on how to perform all the workouts safely and with proper form. Watch it once and you should be good to go.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: How Does it Work

To truly understand why this workout works it’s important to understand the anatomy of the bottom. Your backside is made up of several large muscles, including the gluteus maximums, minums and medius. All of these muscles work together to support your back and facilitate your ability to move. Brazil Butt Lift Review Butt The beauty of the Brazil Butt Lift workout is that it targets each of the muscles which make up your behind as well as your back and supporting muscles. Note only will it improve your butt shape and firmness, it will also having a slimming effect on your thighs and legs. The workout accomplishes this by focusing on each bottom muscle with a range of exercises, not just focusing on one exercise and muscle, but instead working on the whole group of muscles with a range of movements and exercises. Leandro is no stranger to helping women achieve their dream butt. He works with Victoria Secret models to get them ready for the yearly VS fashion show. He knows what he’s doing and has years of proof to back this up.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: Real Results

I know that it can be incredibly difficult to find genuine Brazil Butt Lift Reviews online; there are several unscrupulous reviewers which are more concerned with pushing their own agenda rather than providing valuable information. As a journalist, it’s my job to provide accurate unbiased reviews for all products, all of the time. In order to provide suitable motivation for the workouts I booked myself a winter sunshine holiday, giving myself just over 70 days to get into the right shape and slip into a new bikini set. So does the workout DVD set work? The simple answer is YES. I committed myself to the workout programme 110%, I sweated ALLOT, I hated doing he ab workouts ALLOT and hated doing the squats sometimes. I was very strict with my eating, following the nutrition guide to the T. To put it another way, I worked my butt off. The results speak for themselves, I lost my mutton top, and shed over 20 lbs, my rear is not quite rock solid and capable of cracking nuts, but it’s allot perkier and I’m proud of it. I think if I continue with this programme for another couple of months I’ll have the backside of a Victoria secrets model, which I fully intend to try. I’ve also reclaimed my chin; it’s no longer merging with my neck! Yes the programme is hard work at times, but what workout isn’t? If something is worth doing, then it’s probably not going to be easy to do, that’s what makes it worthwhile.

Brazil Butt Lift Review: Conclusion

Would I recommend Brazil Butt Lift to other people? Yes, but with a couple of caveats. You need to be able to commit to the workouts and invest up to an hour for every session in order to get the best results. I realise for allot of people that one hour might be too much, in which case you might want to tailor the duration to meet your particular requirements. At the end of the day, it’s your workout, so you can do whatever you want with your time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Brazil Butt Lift Review, if you decide to buy the programme please use the link below to purchase, this gives me a small commission and allows me to keep the site running. Please let me know about your own experiences of the Brazil Butt Lift workout in the comments or ping me on Facebook.

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