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The Best Mattress UK To Buy In 2018

Posted by Deb Callaghan on

People might laugh, but buying a quality mattress is one of the most important buying decisions you can make, you're making a decision of a lifetime (or at least for the next 10 years). A mattress is the single most important item in your bedroom (aside from the bed, of course), as sleeping on a bad mattress can bring about a whole lot of problems for you, from simple snoring to back problems and sleep apnea. The best mattress UK will ensure you're sleeping well and wake up well-rested, which can make or break your day.

So, if you’re looking for a mattress, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll teach you what kinds of mattresses there are, and what they’re good for, as well as present you a “best mattress” UK list so you can take a look of what good mattresses are supposed to look like. And away we go!

Best Mattress UK 2018

Name Type Price
Casper Memory Foam Rolled Mattress Memory Foam Check Price
Simba Hybrid Mattress Foam & Pocket Spring
Check Price
Eve Memory Foam Mattress
Memory Foam
Check Price
Emma Mattress Memory Foam
Check Price
Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress Memory Foam
Check Price
Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress - Best for Budget Memory Foam
Check Price
Happy Beds Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung Majestic Medium Tension Mattress Pocket Spring
Check Price
Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe Mattress Pocket Spring
Check Price
Leesa Premium Foam Mattress Memory Foam
Check Price
Dunlopillo Mattress - Royal Sovereign - Editors Choice Latex Foam Check Price

Types of Mattresses and What They’re For

Alright, let’s start by saying there are three main types of mattresses, according to what they’re made off, and several subtypes, according to their firmness. The three main types are innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses and air mattresses. Spring mattresses are further subdivided into open and closed spring mattresses. 

Open Spring Mattress

Open spring mattresses are the most common type of mattress, with over 80% models being this type of mattress. As the name suggests, they’re filled with springs that support your body, with these springs being open and exposed. These mattresses, however, are often unsatisfactory, and the springs lose their elasticity over the years. On top of that, if you’ve got two people sleeping on a mattress, the other person might feel the bed bounce when one person is moving around, which can be unnerving. These mattresses often sag and assume a concave shape, and they, on average, don’t have a satisfactory level of lumbar support, and the springs lose their elasticity over the years. 

Closed Spring Mattress

On the other hand, mattresses that have closed springs (often called pocket spring mattresses) do a slightly better job at retaining their shape and supporting your body. The springs here are closed in pockets of fabric, which allows them to flex independently from one another. This leads to the mattress being more stable, such that you can thrash all you want, and your old lady won’t feel a thing. They also offer better lumbar support, but they suffer from similar defects as regular spring mattresses, i.e. they tend to sag and they don’t take the shape of your body all that well, which can cause back problems, especially to heavier persons.

Foam Mattress

Moving on, foam mattresses, though not as common, are certainly gaining popularity, mostly due to their ability to adjust to your body's shape. They come made from two materials – memory foam and latex, with each material having its own advantages and disadvantages. Memory foam does an excellent job retaining your body shape, providing lumbar support and keeping your spine in a horizontal position as you sleep. These are excellent for people who have back problems or suffer from allergies, as memory foam has hypo-allergenic properties. However, memory foam can get a little hot during the night, so people who are more sensitive to heat might have a problem with them. In addition, not all people like the feeling of foam mattresses, as you kind of “sink” into it and they might be hard for some people to get out of. Latex mattresses have similar properties but are also cooler and more breathable. However, they're often quite hard before you break them in and can get lumpy after prolonged use. They’re heavy too, and it will be hard to flip them over, something you should do on a regular basis to avoid sagging and caving in.

Air Mattress

Lastly, there are air mattresses. These are filled with air via an electric pump and you can be adjusted using this pump. They've also got foam layers on the top, to ensure breathability and lumbar support. However, these layers are often quite thin and don't perform like they're supposed to. These mattresses also offer you the ability to adjust two halves individually, so you and your partner can cater the mattress to your own needs. However, the pump is noisy, and this might annoy you.


Mattress Firmness

Now, for the firmness. Mattresses come in soft, medium soft, medium firm and firm levels of firmness.

Soft Mattress

Soft mattresses are ideal for people who shift around in their sleep, or for people who sleep on their sides. The softness of the mattress allows it to adjust to your position as you change it. Naturally, these mattresses will sink, making it less desirable to people who like to sleep in fixed positions.

Medium Soft Mattress

Medium soft mattresses are also for people who like to change their sleeping positions, but they offer a little harder sleeping surface. This is ideal for people who like to have that extra lumbar support, and who don't like mattresses that cave too much. In addition, these mattresses might stand the test of time a little better and will require less flipping to keep them from caving.

Medium Mattress

After medium soft come medium firm mattresses. These are made for people who like to sleep on their backs, as the extra firmness means extra lower back support. They’re also ideal for people who have trouble getting out of bed in the morning (mechanically, that is, for most of us have problems parting with our bed in the morning) or who don’t like that distinct “sinking” feeling of softer mattresses.

Firm Mattress

Finally, there are firm mattresses. Firm mattresses are prime for people who sleep on their stomachs, but also people in excess of 90 kg and people who suffer from bad back and back pain. Firm mattresses offer a stable sleeping platform, which is very important for those with back problems and heavier people, as the mattress won't cave in and facilitate a concave shape of the spine while you're sleeping if you're sleeping on your side. They're also much easier to get out of.

And, now that you’re familiar with the types of mattresses and what they’re for, let’s switch to actual mattress reviews.

Top 10 Mattresses 

Casper Memory Foam Rolled Mattress Review

Casper Memory Foam Rolled Mattress Review

Our first mattress comes from Casper. Casper Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is one of the most coveted mattresses around, offering an excellent sleeping environment to you and/or your partner, regardless of your sleeping habits, size or weight. To ensure such environment, Casper has been made out of premium memory foam with pressure-relieving capabilities making it an excellent choice for people with back problems. The mattress does an excellent job of adjusting to the shape of your body, thus supporting your body from all sides. On top of that, the mattress is hypoallergenic, so you can sleep tight and not be bothered by constricted airways and/or a runny nose. It’s also made for fit for children to sleep on it, and even babies, thanks to its high-quality materials, and Casper’s determination to achieve perfection in their manufacturing process. Casper is also made with symmetric contours and five zones to ensure it adjusts well to your body shape and sleeping habits.

As we said, memory foam mattresses are very warm by default, so Casper strove to improve their design. The foam used in Casper mattresses is actually significantly cooler. Even so, the mattress won't be as cool as other types of mattresses, but it's cool enough not to cause you to wake up drenched in sweat and in desperate need of a glass of cool water. This is achieved through an open-cell layer on top which utilizes the conduction and convection technology to ensure unobstructed air flow, making the mattress not only cooler but also, more breathable.

One of the coolest things about Casper mattresses is that they come with a 100-night trial. This means that you can test the mattress for 100 nights, and, if you don't like it after this period, you can return the mattress for a full refund. Additionally, if you choose to keep the mattress, you're looking at a 10 year's guarantee, which is pretty good. Of course, this guarantee pertains to manufacturer's defects, so be sure to not to slash it, burn it or have your cat scratch it.

Overall, Casper is what you’d expect out of a high-quality mattress. It’s breathable, hypoallergenic and moulds well to your body, but it’s a little on the hot side, despite Casper’s efforts to create a different foam formula – suppose we can’t have everything, eh?

Check Price on Amazon

The Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Next up, we’ve got a mattress from Simba, and, as the name says, it’s a hybrid. At its core, the mattress is a pocket spring mattress, but the springs are sandwiched between several layers, including a foam layer and a latex layer. This allows the mattress to be very breathable and adjustable, supposedly boasting all the good traits latex and memory foam mattresses have. Aside from that, the mattress features 2,500 springs, which, again supposedly, makes for a mattress with better adjustability.

In reality, things are a little bit different. It's been proven that more springs don't equal a better mattress. In addition, hybrid mattresses’ additional layers are often too thin to provide any noticeable difference. Even so, Simba is a very solid mattress, and, though its Velcro and latex layers don’t do much in regards to making your sleep more comfortable (but they do an excellent job at keeping the mattress hypoallergenic and breathable), the pocketed springs are of exceptional quality, and they should perform as advertised, meaning, they will allow for comfortable sleep and proper back support without sagging or caving. As we mentioned, pocket spring mattresses are perfect for two people, as it adjusts to either person’s sleeping habits without affecting the other.

Just like the Casper, Simba mattresses feature a 100-night trial. With that being said, you're allowed to keep the mattress in your possession for 100 nights, then return it for a full refund if you don't like it. The mattress also features a 10-year limited guarantee against manufacturer defects.

So, what is our verdict concerning Simba? Well, in our opinion, this is a very good mattress. It's a little softer than the Casper, so it will fit side sleepers better. Pocket spring mattresses are always an object of debate whether they're really that good or is it just a way to hog more cash with as little effort as possible, but Simba really does the trick. It's a spring mattress, to be sure, but the springs are of really high quality and mould well to your body shape. Even so, the sinking feeling is prevalent, so people with very acute back problems should look for a firmer mattress, as the springs, no matter how good they are, won't provide enough support to such people's backs. All in all, worth the £600 you're spending on it.

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Eve Memory Foam Mattress Review

Eve Memory Foam Mattress Review

Another foam mattress, Eve Memory Foam is just about everything you want in such a product. Eve is made of memory foam, as the name says, which means it's very well suited for people who don't have very acute back problems but are looking to prevent such problems or simply need something to relax their aching joints.

Like any such mattress, Eve provides very nice support for your back and ensures your spine is in the correct position all throughout the night. The mattress is, perhaps, ideal for people who sleep on their sides, as it will mould around your body, ensuring your spine rests straight. Foam also returns to its former shape easily, so the mattress won't collapse or cave, making sure it serves you well for years to come. Eve also ensures its customers that the mattress is made in the UK, and of highest quality fabrics, which is very much evident by the overall quality of the mattress. Eve is also delivered compressed and vacuum sealed to make sure nothing compromises the mattress’ hypoallergenic capabilities. It’s also shipped in a rolled box, for easier handling, and you only need unwrap it and it will expand to its normal size within a few hours. Open it at dinner, and it will be ready by bedtime – neat!

As with the two products before, Eve has a 100-night trial, so you can return it if you're not satisfied with it. On top of that, if you do decide to keep the mattress, it will be insured for ten years.

Eve is also made with breathable fabric, to ensure you stay cool during the night, but, as with all memory foam mattresses, Eve tends to get a little hot. Still, the 3cm-thick cooling layer does its job, significantly decreasing heat build-up during the night. The cover is made of fine mesh weave, so it can articulate the mattress’ cooling and supporting qualities. To ensure the mattress doesn't cave, it has been rigorously tested and proven that it will indent the only 2mm over the course of ten years, whereas a spring mattress will cave 2cm.

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Emma Mattress Review

Emma Mattress Review

At spot number four on our list is a mattress form Emma. As we said in the intro, foam mattresses are getting more and more popular due to their incredible softness and ability to support your body and keep it in the correct position as you sleep. Emma mattress is one of such mattresses, made of premium visco-elastic memory foam. The foam isn’t hard, but it’s not too soft either, so you won’t sink into it. Even so, we wouldn’t recommend it to people who suffer from very potent back pain, as you’ll probably feel like you’re sinking into the mattress, as Emma is too soft for you.

However, Emma is not a foam mattress, but a hybrid. The product features 2000 pocketed springs that will hold your body in the correct position and allow you to change sleeping positions during the night effortlessly while allowing you not to wake your partner, in case you don’t sleep alone. Emma also features a layer of cooling foam in order to keep your temperature at a normal level during sleep, so you wouldn’t wake up sweaty and sticky. Spring mattresses are more breathable and less hot than memory foam mattresses in the first place, so Emma could be just the thing you’re looking for if you suffer from night sweats. Naturally, the addition of foam and the pocketed springs make the mattress hypoallergenic, so you can even let your kids, and even babies, sleep on it.

Just like Eva, Emma too comes in a rolled box for easier handling. As before, you should simply unwrap the mattress then leave it for a few hours so it can unroll. The mattress also has a 100-night guarantee and a 10-year limited warranty that protects against manufacturer defects.

On a final note, you shouldn’t wrap Emma into waterproof sheets. The sheets will negate the effect of the mattress’ cooling system, as they will stop air flow completely. In addition, moisture will become trapped in, which may lead to mould forming on it.

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Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress Review

Dormeo Memory Plus Mattress Review

Certainly, one of the best-known manufacturers of memory foam mattresses is Dormeo. The product we're presenting today is one of the most affordable mattresses on our list, costing some £280 with the top four costing in excess of £550. Even so, the mattress is made of 3cm memory foam layer followed by the 14cm-thick Ecocell foam layer. This makes Dormeo very appropriate for people who like a little bit more support under their backs, and a little bit extra heat. The mattress is protected against dust mites and dust in general, so you can be sure it's hypoallergenic.

Ecocell also makes the mattress very breathable and very cool. Ecocell is an open cell system that allows for air to flow unobstructed, thus reducing heat build-up, allowing for the mattress to remain cool throughout the night. The top layer we’ve mentioned is sewn directly into the cover, and further facilitates this cooling effect, making Dormeo Memory Plus the coolest memory foam mattress around.

Unlike the more expensive products before it, Dormeo is actually made in Italy. This doesn’t mean that the mattress is of inferior quality, though, as Dormeo is, after all, one of the most respected mattress brands. Alongside the usual 100 night trial period, Dormeo offers five more years in their warranty than most UK-based brands, so your new mattress is ready to serve you for a long time, and you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement if this one rips or fails due to manufacturer defect. It is a limited warranty, though, so it won’t protect the mattress from mischief on your part.

Overall, Dormeo Memory Plus is one of the best value mattresses out there. Costing only £280, Dormeo is a very good alternative for a much more expensive mattress if you can’t afford it. Naturally, the price reflects quality, and the mattress won’t be of sublime quality like the four mattresses before it, but, then again, it doesn’t have to be – it’s still a very decent mattress and it will serve you well throughout the years.

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Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress Review - Best for Budget

Silentnight 3-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress Review

Dormeo, however, isn’t our most affordable mattress – that title goes to Silentnight 3-Zone Mattress. This memory foam mattress costs only about £150, almost half what Dormeo costs.

Naturally, with lower cost comes lower quality and cutbacks when it comes to performance, so you shouldn’t expect premium performance out of Silentnight. Even so, the mattress is more than capable of supporting your body like high-cut mattresses, and it should, by no means, make matters worse for you. Certain standards are there to ensure a mattress is beneficial to you, and you can bet that Silentnight meets these standards.
So, what are the cutbacks we're talking about? Well, instead of getting 5 or 6 support zones you would get on some higher-end mattresses, you'll get 3. This makes the mattress a little worse when it comes to adjusting to your position, but it will perform this job well enough. You won't be in seventh heaven when sleeping on this Silentnight mattress, but you'll be sleeping on a cloud none the less. The mattress features a foam core 18 centimetres deep and is sufficiently flexible to adjust to your body shape to support it in any sleeping position. However, this is a basic memory foam mattress, so it won't feature a cooling layer, meaning it's going to get hot during the night. If you're a hot sleeper, then we suggest you pick a mattress with a cooling layer or don't go with a different type of mattress altogether.

Along with the mattress itself, Silentnight also offers additional deals. You can choose to buy the mattress all by itself, or you can choose to buy it in combination with a pair of pillows or a duvet. However, you also have a complete Silentnight bed set available for purchase too, so, if you’re in need of a complete set, then Silentnight has got you covered.
So, is Silentnight 3-Zone Mattress for you? Yes, but only if you don’t need anything other than a simple memory foam mattress, and an affordable one at that. It will do a very decent job at supporting your body regardless of shape and size, and, while there may be other mattresses that do a better job, they’re certainly not going to be this affordable, and they certainly won’t even have such value for money (except, maybe, a Dormeo).

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Happy Beds Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung Majestic Medium Tension Mattress Review

Happy Beds Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung Majestic Medium Review

At number six is another affordable mattress, and our first full spring mattress. Happy Beds Orthopaedic mattress is a very nice choice for those who don’t like memory foam and latex, and are looking something affordable and more traditional, but still something that won’t cave after 5 years of use.

As we said, Happy Beds is a spring mattress, but its springs are pocketed rather than open. This, as you know by now, gives the bed better adjustability and eliminates “roll together”, so your partner can have a good nice sleep even if you’re thrashing around. The mattress features 1000 springs, which is an impressive number, but not as impressive as the numbers we’ve had above among the £600+ mattresses. Even so, the springs should hold up nicely, and, better yet, hold your body up nicely, in a position that is comfortable, relaxing and anatomically correct. The springs are medium firm, meaning they will be perfect for people who like to roll over in their sleep and change positions, but still get a little support for their spine. The product also features hypoallergenic filling to eliminate problems that arise from coming into contact with dust and dust mites, ensuring, once again, firm and comfortable sleep. In addition, the mattress also features air vents for extra breathability and cooling during the night.

So, is Happy Beds a mattress for you? Most certainly. You will hear a lot of things about spring mattresses and pocket spring mattresses, and about how memory foam is a thousand times better. However, not all spring mattresses are your grandma’s ancient mattress, and we’ve come a long way when it comes to manufacturing technology, so don’t underestimate Happy Beds simply because of its springs. Sure, springs have problems, and they cave more than memory foam, but Happy Beds will still ensure you sleep well and wake up relaxed for the next decade or so.

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Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe Mattress Review

Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe Mattress Review

Three spots from the bottom of the list and we arrive at yet another Silentnight mattress. Unlike the one before, Silentnight Classic is a pocket spring mattress, but none the less effective at providing you with a good night’s sleep. The mattress is filled with 1200 pocketed springs, medium firm, so it’s going to be perfect for people who like to sleep on their backs and suffer from back pain. Silentnight classic will be just what the doctor ordered, as it will offer plenty of lumbar support while not being overly firm so as the worsen your condition and give you a feeling you’re sleeping on a naked board. In addition, the pocketed springs will prevent “roll together” so your partner won’t feel a thing if you squirm on your side of the bed.

Along with the springs, the mattress has also been filled with deluxe fillings to ensure it’s hypoallergenic, breathable and cool. The mattress is 24 centimetres deep, which ensures that the mattress can adjust well to your body; on top of that, the depth of the mattress means that it is quite comfortable and that there’s plenty of room for enough hypoallergenic filling to make sure it actually counts. As we said, the Silentnight Classic is very breathable and cool, so if you suffer from night sweats, you should definitely consider buying this mattress.

As far as price goes, this mattress won’t be as expensive as the top four, but it won’t be as affordable as the other Silentnight we’ve had. Silentnight Classic costs some £400 and comes with a 5-year warranty, which we're not too happy about. However, midrange spring mattresses always come with such warranties, so we doubt you'll find a better deal. Even so, the mattress will perform well, and we doubt you'll have any problems with it in the next ten years.

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Leesa Premium Foam Mattress Review

Leesa Premium Foam Mattress Review

Our penultimate product comes from Leesa. Leesa is a memory foam mattress, and one of the best on the market. It will cost you some £700, but you're paying for real quality here. Leesa offers support, relaxation, pain relief, and excellent adjustability, thanks to its unique foam formula. The foam wraps wonderfully around your body, offering support from all sides, so you won't wake up sore in the morning. The mattress is also filled with cooling foam and materials, so it's much cooler than a standard foam mattress. However, Leesa is a little bit on the soft side, so it's not for people who roll in their sleep a lot. Some customers have also reported sagging, but these seem to be isolated incidents, and this is considered substandard for this mattress, so be sure to return yours. Naturally, the mattress comes with a 100-night trial, so you can always return it if you don't like it.
As we said, this mattress is a little soft, so if you sleep on your side, this is the ideal mattress for you. Leesa will buckle and hold fast where it needs to in order to ensure your spine is level and in the correct position. However, the softness of the mattress will make it a little hard to get out of, which can be a little annoying. Even so, this is a minor problem and one that we consider not too detrimental to the overall enjoyment of this exceptional mattress. Leesa also adapts well to any body weight, so even people who are a little on the heavier side won't find it problematic to sleep in, as it will relieve joint pain. With that, even mothers-to-be will benefit from Leesa, as it will deal well with the additional body weight and cradle the stomach softly but firmly, making it ideal for both naps and full night sleep.

What’s our verdict concerning Leesa? We feel it could be a little better concerning its price. It’s nice enough, with all that lumbar support and good adjustability, but reports of the mattress sagging are sure to raise up an alarm in a customer’s head, as stuff like this shouldn’t be happening with mattresses of this calibre. However, you can always lean on the 100-night trial, so you can always return it if you find fault with it.

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Dunlopillo Mattress - Royal Sovereign Review

Dunlopillo Mattress - Royal Sovereign Review

Finally, we come to the conclusion of our list. Our list item is, by far, the most impressive, but, also, most expensive. Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Mattress is Which Magazine’s winner, having been voted the best mattress, and with plenty of evidence to back that decision.

Royal Sovereign is our only full latex mattress, and, as such, it provides all the benefits memory foam does, while also being much cooler. This means it offers lumbar support, no roll together, muscle relaxation, joint pain alleviation, is hypoallergenic and it doesn't sag or cave. Royal Sovereign features 7 zones, offering ultimate support no matter your sleeping position or habits. Whether you sleep on your back, your stomach or your side, Sovereign will always keep your spine in a proper position. Actipro Probiotic Fabric Cover not only makes the mattress, as we've mentioned, hypoallergenic but also eliminates bacteria and reduces unpleasant odours.

With this, it seems like Sovereign is an ultimate mattress. Well, it, sort of, is, for it was envisioned to be. However, its price is its biggest downside. At almost £1,500, it costs more than double even the most expensive mattress on this list costs. We already said that with price comes quality, and Sovereign is the highest-end mattress on our list, both when it comes to price and when it comes to overall performance.

So, is this a viable option? Certainly, if you can afford it. But, if it will put a strain on your wallet, maybe it’s best you steer clear of it. After all, there are mattresses half its price that perform similarly well. They may not be a Royal Sovereign, but, then again, they don’t have to be. As long as you can sleep on it well, and wake up rested, a mattress is good enough and you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for it. Unless you really want to.

Check Price on Amazon


And, there you have it, these are the best mattresses coming into the year of our Lord, 2018. Among our selection, there are midrange ones, affordable ones and even some very high-end ones, so there's a mattress for every kind of sleeper and every wallet. Luckily, all of the mattresses feature 100-night trials, so you can always get a full refund if a mattress doesn't live up to your expectations, but ends up breaking your bank. However, know one thing – a mattress is an investment, and you need to give it time before proclaiming it the next best thing besides fire, or throwing it away. Make sure you make good use of those 100 nights; sleep on it, nap on it, jump on it, heck, let your kids play on it, and only then will you know if it's good enough. All that's now left to say is happy shopping, and, if we don't see you, good morning, good day and good night.

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