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Everything You Need To Know About Pearl Pendant Necklaces

Pearl necklace are some of the most classic pieces of jewellery available in the market. They are different from gemstones since they don’t originate from the depth of the earth but they are obtained from the sea. They don’t need any special cutting or polishing to enhance their lustrous beauty that is highly valued and help to improve that style of pearl jewellery.

Pearl pendants symbolize humility, purity, and chastity and you can wear them anytime, in any occasion. Since the ancient times, pearl necklaces have been used as a symbol of lasting love and couples wear them as a symbol of commitment to one another. Small pearl pendant can be worn to give an impression of polite and soft-spoken personality while a bigger one can be used to give an impression of bigger and boldness. Every woman has a unique personality and should find a pearl pendant that goes in hand with her exceptional personality. Some use classy pearl pendants jewellery to mark special moments of laughter and tears as they can last even for a lifetime.

Pride gives pearl pendants jewellery to their partners as a sign of love and it is usually given just before a wedding. Pearl can also be used to symbolize a new chapter in the life of a woman and the size of pearl can vary depending on the occasion. pearls are considered very precious for pendants and can be journey pendants reminding one of the years that he has come through are yet to go through in a couple of years. 

What to consider while buying pearl pendant jewellery:

The pearls that are used in jewellery today dates back as far an ancient Greece and since then the pearls have been the most treasured gems in many cultures. During the rain of empire Byzantine, only the emperor was allowed to wear pearls. Most other societies also had rules that defined who was allowed to wear the little treasure and who was not allowed. The sixteenth century in England is referred as the Pearl Age due to the prestige that was given that was given to pearls during that time. 

Pearl Pendant

Pearls became available to most other people in early 1900s when Asians discovered how to develop cultured pearls. By carefully inserting small nucleus into a living oyster, a pearl is formed around the nucleus making it possible to create the pearl in the oyster farm. 

The Symbolism of Pearls:

In most ancient societies, pearls symbolized the moon and were associated with magical properties. Chinese believed that pearls can be used to protect a person from fire and dragons. A number of cultures associate it with chastity and modesty. In Victorian England, small seed pearls were featured in mourning jewellery to symbolize tears.

Pearl Pendant Necklace as Gift:

Pearl Pendant Necklaces have been used as a gift for a long time. During the 13th century, explorer Marco Polo Visited Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan and reported gave him a stunning Arco Valley Pearl that was over 3 inches long and weighs about 575 karats. Prince Phillip II of Spain presented a famous beautiful pearl called La Peregrina to his bride Mary in the 16th century. La Peregrina a white, pear-shaped saltwater pearl received a series of royal owners until 1960s when actor Richard Burton presented to his wife Elizabeth Taylor.

Pearls were also favourite accessory on the 20th century. For instance, it was the favourite style for icon Grace Kelly when she was performing and when she became the princes of Monaco. He husband gave her a number of luxurious pearls that she wore them frequently.

What to consider while buying Pearl Pendant Necklaces:

Today’s jewellery market include a spectacular piece of stunning pearl jewellery such as Tahitian Pearl Stud Earring and Sea of Cortez Pearl Pendant with Diamond Accent that is obtained from eco-friendly manner from sustainable pearl farms. The vast majority of the modern pearl pendant necklaces feature cultured pearls and you need a solid understand when you are looking to buy pearl necklaces. Here is a guide that will help you select pearl jewellery.

Pearl Lustre:

Pearl lustre is a critical feature of a Pearl Pendant Necklaces and is one of the main factors when choosing a pearl. Luster determines that sharpness and intensity of reflections on the surface of the pearl. While choosing the best lustre, check the clarity of reflection on the surface of the pearl. The clearer the reflection, the better the lustre, and pearls within fine lustre glow warmly from within.

Pearl Size:

The size of pearls features in the Pearl Pendant Necklaces is very important for both aesthetic and financial reasons. Larger pearls are perfect for necklaces and are less desirable for earrings. Moreover, larger pearls are mainly used on pearl rings and are attractive but often bulky and difficult to use. Larger pearl is also more expensive and educated shoppers should balance the size of the pearl with the expected cost.

Pearl Similarity: 

While searching for pearl jewellery, it is important to know how a given jewellery matches other jewellery. Pearl pendant necklaces differ in shape, colour and finish and even slightly different can create unbalance appearance. Choose from pearls that are similar while keeping in mind that pearls that closely matches tend to be more expensive.

Jewellery style:

Before settling for a given jewellery, it is important to consider the recipient taste in terms of clothing to ensure that the jewellery you have selected can enhance that recipient appearance. For instance, a traditional choker of white pearls can match perfectly with the formal business outfit, while a pair of chocolate pearl necklaces is far much versatile. Therefore, it is important to consider that how your necklaces will be worn. 


Pearl necklaces are a classic piece of jewellery that does not require special cutting or polishing to enhance their lustrous beauty that is highly valued and help to improve that style of pearl jewellery. They are favourite necklaces for many. However, finding the right pearl pendant necklaces in the many facets available in the market can be complicated. Learning some basics on the jewellery help to get familiarize with the popular form of jewellery available in the market, which makes it easier to find the best necklace for your partner.  


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