Best Transcription Headsets

ECS OHUSB WordSlinger Deluxe Overhead USB Transcription Headset
  • Specially engineered for transcribing dictated audio files
  • Exclusive technology matching frequency response with the spoken word
Executive Communication Systems ECS WHUC3.5 Antimicrobial WordHear-O 3.5 mm...
  • SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY: These transcription headphones deliver rich, accurate sound with its exclusive...
  • DESIGNED FOR OPTIMAL COMFORT: These lightweight under chin headphones with ear cushions are constructed to fit...
Olympus 99 Headphones
  • Headphones
  • For Micro Cassette Playback Device
Olympus E-102 Headphones for Transcriber - Black
  • Olympus E-102 stereo headset
  • For PC use
Olympus E-99 Headset Binaural Black Headset – Headset (Binaural,...
  • Product Type:Headphones
  • Recommended Use:Portable electronics
ECS-WSEB3.5 WordSleuth 3.5 mm Stereo Ear Bud Transcription Headset
  • Compatible with any transcription software used on a computer utilizing a single prong (3.5 mm) stereo headset...
  • 90 Degree plug to extend lifespan of cord
Philips LFH0233/00 Standard Headset for Dictation Machine
  • Experience excellent sound quality with Philips headsets for transcription
  • eodymium magnet: Neodymium is the best quality material for producing a strong magnetic field for greater...
Philips LFH0334 Transcription Headphones for all Philips desktop dictation...
  • A 14 mm speaker driver optimizes high audio quality
  • Lightweight design improves comfort for prolonged use

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