5 Steam Irons You Cannot Do Without


Have you ever arrived at your hotel, opened your suitcase and realized everything you brought is wrinkled? We all have. This is just one of the reasons you need a steam iron. Whether you’re at home or on the road, a steam iron is just something you really should have. The days of dragging out the ironing board and using your ten-pound iron are over. There are some products on the market now that put your old steam iron to shame! This article will review a few of them, focusing on specific needs you may have.

Some of you may be looking for a steam iron that will do larger jobs around the house such as curtains, linens and bedsheets. Some of you may only need to steam iron your clothes and suits for work. Still, others are planning a trip and just want a small, compact steamer that will work on the road. No matter what you need a steam iron for, there is the perfect steamer out there just waiting for you.

Some of the things you really want to keep in mind when choosing the best steam are: does it heat up quickly and have different heat settings? ; Am I going to have to refill the tank often? Does it evenly disperse steam? Is it safe to use on all types of garments and fabrics? Can I use it on things like curtains and tablecloths? And, most importantly, does it do the job it says it does? This article will highlight the features of several steam irons, each geared toward a different need.

Considering that most steam irons are designed to do the same thing, there is an overwhelming number of makes and models to pick from. You’ll hear words like soleplate and steam booster. You’ll read about wattage and horsepower (yes, horsepower when talking about a steam iron!) As with most things, you do end up paying more if you want all the bells and whistles. It comes down to your personal style and budget.

Opul Travel Mini-Steam Iron – Best Travel Steam Iron

We all travel – or, at least we all hope to travel one day. We get excited about our trip and go out and buy super cute dresses and outfits for our vacation. Or maybe you’re travelling for a really important job interview or meeting and have to bring the perfect power suit with you. Nothing is worse than carefully packing your suitcase and then getting to your hotel room and finding out everything looks a mess.

When you wake up in the morning ready to take on the world and find out our lucky suit is covered in wrinkles, what are you supposed to do? If you bring your travel steamer with you on these trips, you won’t have anything to worry about.

The travel steam irons available today are lightweight and work fast. You can go from wrinkled to smooth in under a minute if you buy the right one. We all have that friend who seems more prepared than us no matter where we go. She always packs her suitcase perfectly, doesn’t forget a thing, and is the first one to offer her travel steamer when you need it. Why shouldn’t you be that person?

Which one Should You Buy?

There are hundreds of travel steamers out there to pick from. Some call themselves travel steamers, others market their products as handheld steamers. They all do the same basic thing – they steam your clothes quickly when you’re on the road. Don’t expect them to run for more than a few minutes. Don’t expect to get a whole hamper full of steam ironing done with a travel steamer. They are great for when you and a girlfriend go away for the weekend and want to iron your dresses before you go out for a night on the town. They are not meant to steam iron curtains and upholstery.

If you’re looking for the best travel steamer, you can’t go wrong with the Opul Travel Mini-Steam Iron. It’s lightweight, fits in your suitcase, and does the job. Whether you’re looking to iron a business suit or a sundress, this steamer will take care of whatever you need. It will take out wrinkles and creases and leave you with a fresh-looking garment.

For your purposes, you aren’t looking for a steamer that will handle furniture or curtains. You don’t need an iron that does large jobs. You don’t even really have to worry about the size of the water tank or how often you’ll have to refill the tank. You need a no-nonsense, powerful steamer that you can throw in your duffel bag and hit the road.

What makes this one the best?

One of the most frustrating things you can experience on vacation is to find out that the plug on your travel iron doesn’t work in the country you’re visiting. This travel iron by Opal is equipped with a dual voltage functionality so it works in any country you may decide to visit. You can switch it between 110 to 120v or from 220v to 240v.

The Opal travel mini-steam iron folds up nicely so it fits in your bag. The handle folds down so it doesn’t take up a lot of room in your bag. It is also easy to store under your bathroom cabinet on vacation. It flips back open to a fully functional iron. The mini-cord works with the iron so you can iron just about any garment you need to iron while away.

Opal has your safety in mind as well. There is an automatic shut-off feature so that you don’t have to worry about it turning on while in your suitcase. You can travel safely knowing that you don’t have a hot iron leaking water in your clothes.

This iron is perfect for both steaming a garment or doing the traditional ironing. It doesn’t matter how bad the wrinkles are in your clothes, this travel iron will take them out. You can use it on any fabric so you won’t have to worry about certain dresses or suits being damaged.

The Opal steam iron comes with 15 different steam holes to provide a very even steam across your clothes. You will get an even distribution of steam and water on your garment so you won’t end up with wet marks or burn marks on your clothes.

What makes this stand out from ordinary steamers?

The Opal travel steam iron works just like a regular iron. However, it is lightweight and compact so you can take it with you no matter where you’re headed. Its ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable for you to use, no matter how big the ironing job may be.

It comes with a non-stick soleplate so there is no risk of burning either your clothes or the base on which you’re ironing. It comes in a pretty and fun purple design so you won’t mistake it with the boring white one provided by the hotel.

With the dual voltage, you can rest assured that it will be safe and compatible with any sort of outlet. You won’t have to buy adaptors or a new iron while on vacation. It is also perfect for travelling as it fits nicely in a suitcase or tote bag. You could even fit it in your purse to take to work for an important client meeting.

The Opal travel iron only weighs 780 grams so it won’t hurt your arm while doing longer ironing jobs. It also won’t weight down your luggage. It can be stored on a small corner of the bathroom counter so you have easy access no matter where you’re going.

Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron – Best for Big Jobs

So, you’re the kind of person who likes her curtains to be wrinkle free and actually irons her towels, right? There’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe you need to iron a tablecloth and don’t feel like spending an hour with your regular iron moving the tablecloth around over and over again, trying to manoeuvre it on the ironing board. And then, after all that work, it ends up looking wrinkled and creased anyway! Or maybe you own a dry-cleaner or housekeeping service and want a commercial grade steam iron to help your business? Or perhaps you’re a seamstress and work with speciality garments like wedding dresses, coats, and cocktail attire?

Whether you need a steam iron for professional purposes or just some large jobs around your house, you need a steam iron specifically designed for large jobs. There are many on the market, and most of them do a good job. However, there is one that is in a class above the rest. The Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron.

Why the Morphy Richards?

The Jet Steam Generator Iron by Morphy Richards will help you get through your basket of ironing in no time. It comes with a 1L water tank so you can get through piles and piles of garments without having to refill the tank. It is a 2200-watt steam iron so it generates enough power to handle even the most stubborn wrinkles. It does this while still qualifying as a Class A energy appliance.

This model is the best seller amongst the Morphy Richards line. It’s pleasant to look at, with its pink and white design. It is user-friendly and ergonomically built for long steam ironing sessions. It is equipped to handle regular steam ironing as well as vertical steam ironing. It is very adaptable to whatever sort of job you have before you.


The Morphy Richards steam iron comes with the 1-litre tank as mentioned above. It manages to hold a large tank without being overly large or cumbersome. This means you don’t have to refill it all that often. When you do have to refill the tank, it’s easy and convenient. You won’t have to worry about it spilling all over the floor or your countertops.

This steam iron comes with a stainless-steel soleplate. This lets you get rid of the most stubborn and deep-set wrinkles. It is very durable so it will last for years. When you do encounter these stubborn wrinkles and creases, take advantage of the iron’s water spray feature. It will spray the affected area and allow you to focus your steam on the wrinkled area.

One of the features of this steam iron that customers love is how quickly you can get through your pile of clothes. The Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron offers 100 g of high-level steam output. You’ll spend less time on each garment so you’ll be able to get through your whole pile of clothes and garments in no time at all.

What do Customers think?

One thing customers really liked about this steam iron was the extended warranty. Morphy Richards offers a 2-year warranty with all their irons. However, if you register your product they will extend the warranty an extra year. Thankfully, very few customers reported having issues with their steam iron but it is good to have peace of mind. If something does go wrong with your steam iron, the manufacturer will stand behind it.

Another thing people like about this iron is that it heats up so quickly. The Morphy Richards steam iron heats up in less than 2 minutes! You don’t have to worry about setting aside idle time to wait for it to get ready to steam. Customers also love the fact that it comes with replaceable anti-scale cartridges. This prevents you from finding yellow water stains on your clothes. It also makes the steam iron last a lot longer than most other products.

The Morphy Richards steam iron is easy to use and comfortable to handle. It comes with a soft-grip handle so your hand won’t cramp up when doing long steam sessions. Whether you’re ironing one garment or 50 garments, your hand won’t hurt from pressing down on the iron.

Philips GC4526/87 Performer Plus Steam Iron – Best Overall

You may not know ahead of time whether you will have large jobs to do. You may not have a trip planned but know that at some point, you will want to take it on the road with you. You don’t have a ton to spend but you don’t need to buy the cheapest steamer on the market either. Do you want a good steam iron that will do an awesome job and not break the bank, right?

If you just want a quality steamer that will do an awesome job on your clothes and not cost an arm and a leg, you should opt for the Philips GC4526/87 Performer Plus Steam Iron. This steamer provides all of the functions you expect from a quality steam iron and is easy to use. It will leave your garments looking clean and freshly ironed without the need for expensive dry-cleaning costs.

You more than likely will use your steam iron primarily to handle clothes and garments. But every now and then you may want to steam your curtains or tablecloths. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to steam the linens in your guest room if you have company coming over. Perhaps you even steam decorative towels and pillows. Like most people, you need a quality, general purpose steam iron. The Philips Performer will be an ideal fit for you.

What Features Make the Philips Performer Plus a Quality Steamer?

The Philips GC 4526/87 Performer Plus Steam Iron is one of the faster steam irons on the market today. It delivers up to 50g/minute of continuous steam with an additional 210g/minute steam boost for faster crease and wrinkle removal. It comes with an easy fill water tank. Not that you’ll have to fill it all that often since it holds 300 ml of water. The tank also has a side opening door for easier use.

The Philips Performer Steam Plus allows for easy ironing thanks to its smooth gliding scratch resistant soleplate. It provides effortless ironing across all fabrics and materials. You can use it on your garments, tablecloths, curtains and linens. When switching from one material to another, just adjust the steam setting so it’s not too high or too low. When ironing your curtains or linens, you can even steam vertically which makes it so much easier to achieve a wrinkle-free fabric. Take advantage of the swivel attachment which allows you to reach small and awkward spots.

Unlike many inferior steam irons, this one doesn’t leak. It has a leak-proof lid so it won’t leave wet marks on your garments. Thanks to its continuous steam feature, you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning a garment either. You can use it with or without steam so if you have some regular ironing to do, you can simply turn the steam off and set about your task. It comes with an automatic shutoff as well so no fears of forgetting to turn the iron off when you leave the room.

The Verdict?

The Philips Performer Plus is a great overall steam iron for someone looking to get the job
done without making a mess. It comes with a 2.5m power cord so it’s long enough to do most jobs without having to manoeuvre the iron around too much. It doesn’t require any special wiring and has a storage space for the cord when you’re done using it. It’s also self-cleaning which saves you a lot of time, trouble and mess.

This steam iron is easy to use and very convenient. It will take care of most jobs, whether it’s a simple shirt or skirt or even linens or curtains. You can use this steam iron on pretty much whatever job you need to do. You don’t have to carry a heavy tank back and forth to refill and you won’t have to refill it all that often. The tank is self-cleaning and doesn’t require descaling.

For the money, this is a great steam iron for your home. It’s portable if you do need to take it with on vacation or on a business trip. It is easy to store so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll keep it when it’s not in use. It is safe to use on all types of fabrics. It is the only steam iron you will really ever need. Since it comes with a 2-year warranty, you can rest assured that if anything does go wrong with it you have the backing of the manufacturer.

Black and Decker 24230 Steam Iron – Best Budget Steam Iron

Not all of us have £50.00 to spend on a steam iron. Some of us just don’t want to spend this kind of money on a steam iron. Steam ironing isn’t fun. It’s something you have to do from time to time when your clothes are wrinkled or you don’t have time for the dry cleaners. But, just because you don’t want to spend a lot, doesn’t mean you can’t get a lot for your money. The Black and Decker steam iron offers all of the basic functions of a steam iron for the low price of £19.99. You get a steam iron that is safe to use on all fabrics. You get a steam iron that won’t leak and is easy to use. It offers the convenience of an expensive iron, yet is offered at a fair price. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

The Black and Decker 24230 Steam Iron looks just like a regular iron, only it works as a steamer. It kills two birds with one stone – it works as an iron and a steamer. You get two for one. It is available either blue and white or grey and white. It fits easily on a shelf in your laundry room or in a small closet. It is easy to store and easy to grab and use on the go.

A Brand Name You Trust

A lot of us come to know and love a certain manufacturer when it comes to buying things for your home. We trust well-known brands that have been around for a long time. Black and Decker has been in business for over 100 years and has become a name you can trust. When it comes to power tools and household appliances you can’t go wrong with Black and Decker. One of the most popular brands, Black and Decker come with a sense of familiarity and trust. They have a long history of making small appliances and they back up their products. Black and Decker make a variety of steam irons, but they do make one that is kind to your wallet.


The Black and Decker 24230 Steam Iron comes with 2400 watts of power. It has all of the features you would need in a steam iron. It serves the function of a dry iron, a steam iron and a spot and sprays function. It doesn’t leak and is anti-drip so you won’t end up with watermarks on our clothes or ironing board. The heat dial is better than traditional heat setting because you can make slight or moderate changes in temperature without risking your clothes to burn or damage.

The Black and Decker steam iron comes with a ceramic steam-plate so you will get even steaming across your entire garment. It is safe to use on just about any fabric or material you need to use it on, be it silk or cotton. You can use your steam iron in lieu of dry cleaning. This not only saves you a ton of money but it also saves you the inconvenience of having to trudge back and forth to the dry cleaners with all of your clothes.

The Black and Decker steam iron heats up quickly so you can get the job done and get on with your day. It is lightweight and easy to use, with a nice glide across your fabrics. It comes with a jet blast feature for areas that need a heavier hand. Thanks to the massive water tank, you won’t need to refill it all that often. The ball and socket connection to the iron keeps that cord from tangling, something that can be oh so frustrating when you’re trying to iron or steam our clothes.

You Can’t Beat it for the Price

The Black and Decker Steam Iron retails for the low price of £19.99. It is so cheap, in fact, that it doesn’t even qualify for automatic free shipping on amazon.co.uk. Since it is Black and Decker you can rest assured that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Black and Decker back up its products. For less than the price of a pizza, you get a steam iron made by a quality manufacturer, that performs all of the functions you can possibly expect from a steam iron.

The Black and Decker steam iron will get the job done as well as some of the fancier, higher-priced gadgets, it just may take a little more time to do it. Instead of the commercial or industrial grade steamers that only require one simple glide over a fabric, this steamer may take a few swipes before the wrinkles are gone. It still comes with different steam setting and is safe to use on pretty much any type of material and garments. It is safe on your clothes, self-cleaning, and works on all sorts of fabrics. You really can’t go wrong with this buy.

If you don’t need a steam iron for yourself, this makes a great gift for wedding showers or gifts. It is a great starter steamer for your daughter or son. It is easy to use and comes with the Black and Decker warranty. Go online to amazon.co.uk and buy one for yourself and one for that friend who always leaves the house with her clothes wrinkled. You could even buy one to keep in your car for vacations or for the office. You never know when you may need to get out a stubborn wrinkle or two!

Rowenta DG8962 Silence Steam High-Pressure Iron – Best Luxury Model

Whether you just are the kind of person who prefers luxury end items or you really are in search for the best steam iron out there, you’ll love the Rowenta DG8962 Silence Steam High-Pressure Iron. There really isn’t much this steam iron cannot do. Retailing at £245.81, the Rowenta Silence Steam High-Pressure Iron will give you the power of a commercial steamer with the convenience of a travel iron. You won’t have to worry about spitting or leakage with this steamer. It is safe to use on all sorts of clothing, furniture, and materials.

Rowenta really is the name in steam irons. For years, they have offered quality steam irons at a fair range of prices. If you ask your friends what brand of steam iron they have, chances are they will say Rowenta. They are known for their irons and steamers and offer a high-quality product that will get the job done. You can replace your trips to the dry cleaner with a Rowenta steam iron. It is just that good.

The Rowenta High-Pressure Steam Iron is easy to store and convenient to use. You’ll be glad you went with the high-pressure model when you are working out stubborn wrinkles and deep-set creases with just one glide. Steam ironing is not something that is fun to do, but the Rowenta high-pressure steam iron will at least make it less of a chore.

Features of the Rowenta High-Pressure Steam Iron

The Rowenta steam iron comes with so many features, there just isn’t enough room to write about them all. However, this article will highlight the most important ones. The Rowenta comes with over 2400 watts of power to offer a strong steam on your hardest to smooth wrinkles. It has 7.3 bars of high-pressure steam which helps you save time and get your ironing done in no time.

The Rowenta offers almost twice as much steam per minute at most, coming in at 460g/minute. This allows you to conquer the most deep-set wrinkles and creases in thick fabrics with relative ease. The microsteam 400 tech that comes with the Rowenta iron gives you 400 micro-holes for outstanding steam diffusion. The scratch-proof stainless-steel soleplate comes with anti-scratch, laser technology for long-lasting performance and top of the line glide.

The Rowenta steam iron comes with profiled tips for high precision access to hard to reach areas. You can reach the corners of curtains and corners of your tablecloths lickety-split. It offers greater control over the heat and steam output so you control how much or how little you need for the garment or fabric you’re ironing. You can tweak the setting depending on what sort of garment you are handling. It heats up in less than 2 minutes so you can get in, get done, and get out!

The steam iron comes with a removable water tank for easy and convenience refill. The tank is easy to fill and self-cleaning. This also makes it easy for transport and storage. You don’t have to worry about filling the tank up often as it comes with a large tank that lasts for quite some time. It also takes tap water so there is no need to pay for fancy purified water with this steamer. This also means you don’t have to worry about descaling your steam iron.

The steam burst evenly spreads across the garment so you won’t end up with splashes and wet marks on your clothes. It runs so quietly, you won’t even know it’s on. And it’s lightweight so it’s easy to work! Unlike so many other steam irons, all it takes is on quick glide over the garment and it will be wrinkle-free. There’s no need to go back and forth several times hoping the wrinkle or seam will disappear.

Worth the Money?

It is pricey, but it is worth the money. This will be the best steam iron you ever buy. It comes with a 2-year warranty so you have the confidence in knowing the manufacturer stands behind its product and will replace or repair the product. It comes in a pretty purple and black in colour and has a very sleek design.
The money you will save on dry cleaning along makes up for the hefty price here. You can use this steamer on any fabric and any garment, even wedding dresses. It will take care of your curtains, linens and tablecloths. You will save money on the back and forth to the cleaners. You’ll also be able to work so quickly that the time you save will more than make up for the difference in price.

This steam iron works quickly, efficiently, and quietly. It is easy to take on the road with you and it’s easy to store. You have a large tank that doesn’t require constant refilling. The steamer heats up fast, gets the job done fast, and they can be kept in a small closet or on a shelf. It really is worth the money.

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So, you clearly need a steam iron or you wouldn’t be reading this article. You aren’t sure which one to buy or you would have bought it already. You probably are looking for a travel steam iron or maybe one that you can use at home or on the road. Maybe you have big or heavy-duty jobs you need to do and want to make sure you buy a steam iron that can handle it? Or perhaps you’ve been saving up to buy the very best steam iron on the market and now is the time.

Regardless of what you’re looking for or why there is an ideal steam iron out there for you. Just go to amazon.co.uk and choose from any of the irons we’ve featured here for you. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, it’s just a matter of which one best suit your needs. They all come with a warranty so you don’t have to worry about buying one that breaks down a couple months down the road leaving you high and dry (pun intended.)

The question you have to ask yourself what is most important to me? Are you more concerned with price? Are portability and storage what you’re most concerned with? Maybe you know nothing about steam irons and just want a middle of the road model? We get it – you don’t spend hours with your friends talking about steam irons. You probably don’t think of them until you’re about to iron your favourite shirt and realize that a regular iron doesn’t get the wrinkles out the way it should. Or maybe you have found yourself on vacation with a suitcase full of wrinkled clothes and you’re embarrassed to leave the room?

Regardless of the reason you’re reading this article, know that amazon.co.uk does have the steam iron you need. You just need to take a few minutes to read the reviews and maybe shop around a bit before you make your choice. This article highlights the best 5 steam irons according to what most people are looking for. If you are interested in any of these items, go to amazon.co.uk, enter the make and model into the search bar and shop away!



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