National Geographic 76/350 Compact Telescope
  • Small but powerful, this bright, Dobsonian Telescope for stargazers is extremely portable, easy to use and...
  • This reflecting telescope is easy to operate, even for beginners to the fascinating world of astronomy, and it...
National Geographic Refractor Telescope 60/700 AZ with tripod
  • Refractor telescope for beginners
  • Aperture: 60mm / Focal length: 700mm / Achromatic refractor
National Geographic Newtonian Telescope 114/900 AZ with tripod
  • Mirror telescope for beginners and amateur astronomers
  • Aperture: 114mm / Focal length: 900m / Newtonian mirror telescope
National Geographic 50/360 Telescope
  • Compact lens telescope for observing the moon, planets and landscape observation
  • Lens diameter: 50mm / Focal length: 360mm
National Geographic 90/1250mm Maksutov Cassegrain Automatic Telescope
  • Optical system: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Mirror diameter: 90mm
National Geographic Telescope 50/360 and Microscope Set 300-1200x
  • Perfect beginner set for children who are interested in biology and astronomy
  • Lens telescope: Diameter: 50mm / Focal length: 350mm / Magnification: 18x + 60x
Aomekie Telescope for Kids Beginners Astronomy Enthusiast 70/300...
33 Reviews
Aomekie Telescope for Kids Beginners Astronomy Enthusiast 70/300...
  • 70mm Ultra-Clear Telescopes: 70mm aperture with fully coated glass optical elements. This refractor telescope...
  • Stargazing telescope reflector: 15-150X magnification, 6mm eyepiece for 50X, 20mm eyepiece for 15X. 3x Barlow...
National Geographic Telescope 130/650 Newtonian
  • Telescope for beginners and amateur astronomers
  • Aperture: 130mm / Focal length: 650mm / Newtonian-mirror telescope with spherical main mirror
National Geographic 76/700 AZ Reflector Telescope
  • A reflecting telescope with a 76-mm aperture will show numerous craters on the moon, and even some first...
  • With this set, you get everything you need for entering into the field of astronomy. The Alt/Az mount is...
National Geographic Refractor Telescope 70/900 with Multi Purpose Mount and...
  • High quality refractor telescope with Multi-Purpose Mount for observing in alt-azimuth and equatorial mode
  • Lens diameter: 70mm / Focal length: 900mm


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