Microwaves have evolved a lot since they were conceived. In the past, they were basic models that could just heat food and defrost. In the present day, there is a combination of the microwaving, but with a grill and sometimes a grill and an oven there are some that come with built-in recipes and menus. Yet others include functions like steam cooking as well as two step functions such as defrost and cook.

There are some trends that you should definitely keep an eye open for. One is the crisper plates. This is indeed a new innovation where the grill will cook from above while the microwaves heat the pan so that the food cooks from below. This gives a great outcome, especially when you are cooking things like quiches, pies, and pizzas giving an underside that is crisp.

The flatbed designs are also gaining more popularity than the turntables. This allows you to do bigger dishes and still have more room. The turntables ensure a level of evenness, but the tech being used today aims at ensuring flatbeds do the same.

When it comes to wattage, you should know that when the wattage is high, then it means that you will cook faster. The capacity mainly depends on your household. Choose something that will be adequate for your meals and the purpose you mean to fulfil. If you only need defrosting and heating, then a solo microwave should be enough. However, if you want so much more, then you should look for something a bit advanced with a grill or a combi. Cheaper models should never be ruled out because it doesn’t mean that they are substandard.

Tips for choosing the best most affordable microwave

Don’t just buy the very first microwave that you come across just because it is cheap. Look for the essential functions to ensure that you are buying something that will be of help to you.

There are some microwaves that are more specific and so come with things such as popcorn making or rice heating. This allows you to stop guessing as you make the choice. You should invest in a machine that has features that are bound to simplify the whole cooking process.

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You should also check the internal and external dimensions. The internal dimensions will help you know the size of the container that can be used inside. The external ones tell you the kind of space you will require within the kitchen once you have made the purchase. Some of the budget microwaves are actually small and can only handle smaller dishes and plates. When you plan to use the microwave at home, you may need something with more space. You should check the measurements well before you make a purchase.

You also need to consider the plate. The best is the one that has a turntable or a carousel plate. This will help during the process and you will not have to keep on opening the lid so as to turn the dish inside.

Metal racks are also great with microwaves since they distribute heat much better. If you want a microwave that heats the entire meal, not only the bottom or top, then the racks should be made of metal.

If you want a higher space for cooking or heating, then you will have to consider the wattage. You should know that high wattage translates to a faster meal. Bigger microwaves sometimes have higher wattage levels.

By considering some of these things, you should be able to make a choice that will best suit your lifestyle in an effortless and easy manner.

The Best Budget Microwaves

Westinghouse WCM770B 700 Watt Counter Top Microwave Oven, 0.7 Cubic Feet, Black Cabinet

This is a brand that is available in two colours, black and white. It has some 10 cooking levels and comes with great flexibility when it comes to cooking. You can cook popcorns, frozen dinner, beverage, pizza, as well as baked potatoes. ‘

It has a wattage of 700 but the footprint is rather small making it perfect for studios and apartments, this is a piece that allows you to feel like a professional chef with a great option of both speed and weight with defrost and a multi-stage kind of cooking.

The display is LED and features a digital clock that can be used well in the kitchen and can serve as your timer. Kit has a child lock function which ensures safety within the household.

This is a countertop model which delivers high wattage as well as great quality. It is an amazing choice for a small kitchen and the unit provides for convenient and great features that are available with the larger models without necessarily squeezing the kitchen. There is keypad control that offers you the chance to input the cooking times as precisely as possible. With the LED displays, you can see very clearly the time left and you can use the other buttons for the other items that can be cooked within.

This model can allow the use of dishware that is up to 9.5v inches. This model offers great precision with the different power levels and the control using keypads means a reduced chance if scorching and burning. This is what makes it an amazing tool, in the kitchen.

It offers convenience to a great level. You can make some of the most common foods with the touch of a button. The cooking times are set and so you will not have to guess.

This is a microwave that is great when you need to defrost food very quickly. You need to defrost using the weight of the food or make use of the quick defrost feature that is present.

Danby Designer 0.7 cu.ft. Countertop Microwave

This is yet another amazing model that you can go for. It can be stainless steel or black giving you an option to select something that will match with your kitchen. It is available at 65 dollars. This piece has a 0.7 cu.ft capacity and cooking power of 700 watts. It is very stylish and will definitely add to the look in your kitchen. The power levels are ten and it has simple one-touch that can cook 6 popular meals.

This microwave offers you superb and elegance capability, making it a first-rate countertop microwave. It is economical and practical and is very stylish because of the finish available. The appliance is also dependable because it can handle 20 litres of the cooking space and this is what makes it perfect for lunch rooms, cottages, kitchens, offices and so on. There are different power level options and you get to enjoy the smart controls that can be read, monitored, and programmed easily. The monitor also has a clock apparatus and an LED timer. The microwave comes with a warranty on the labour and parts.

The model is stylish and practical. You can match with your kitchen décor in a very easy manner. It is also very easy to use making it one of the best models that you can select.

Danby appliances are always made with such brilliance as this is the main vision of the company. This particular microwave is made in a way that it will fit into any kind of space. The design is intuitive and classic which will greatly surprise you. The features allow you to be very organized and easy too.

The microwave is slick in its design and it doesn’t make much sound apart from the background sound that can be noted as one does a reheat. It is also quite easy to clean.

Farberware FMWO11AHTBKB Classic

This is a microwave available in stainless steel, metallic red or white platinum. This has a cooking power of 1000 watts and some 10 cooking levels that can help you to adjust power. It also allows you to cook the custom cooked snacks and meals using the multi-stage option. With this microwave, you can cook beverages, frozen vegetables, pizza, potatoes, and popcorns. You can also heat your dinner plate quite easily. It has a memory function too that calls and stores the different cooking settings in an instant.

You can defrost using this machine based on weight and time. There is also the digital control and lead display that comes with a kitchen timer and a clock. The turntable rotates and it is removable making it easy to clean. There is also a keypad lock that prevents any unsupervised use. The cooking capacity is 1.1 cubic feet and is therefore sized so as to fit the kitchen counter. This option also comes with a warranty of one year. The dimensions are 20.2 x 16.9 x 12 inches.

The features of this microwave are what makes it the best appliance for your kitchen. The controls are convenient and the settings copious. There are also the one-touch cooking programs that can help you to do some simple meal sizes and some 10 power levels. You can defrost your food using the time or weight options.

The other thing that stands out is the fact that there it has express cooking functions and a control button as well. The LED display with a kitchen timer and a clock are an added advantage in the kitchen and can help you with many tasks. Your children can also be safe with this appliance due to the child safety functionality that is available.

The custom control and the level of power are great for busy kitchens. You can do your quick fixes with this microwave that is sized generously to fit the counter.

The creator, Farberware has a lot of years of experience, over 100 to be precise. Faberware is an innovator when it comes to housewares and remains a force to reckon with within the industry. The products are carefully designed with the customers being put first. They are manufactured to offer the highest standards possible.

This microwave is created to perform its tasks with comfort and great ease as well. It is carefully designed with the consumer in mind. These microwaves unite function and style so as to come up with quite an exceptional cooking experience. You can select different textures, finishes, and colours so as to ensure the accent of the kitchen is complimented. There are many sizes, and styles that you can select from so as to have great results.

This appliance is the best size. The design is very sleek with an interior that can fit your dinner plates, large food savers, and baking dishes. The results are always consistent meaning that you cook or reheat food without any kind of guesswork. You can customize it as much as you want, you get that perfect result.

Bella 900-Watt Microwave Oven

This microwave oven is 0.9 cubic feet and is red with chrome. It has s stylish chrome handle kind of design as well as 6 cooking programs that are one touch. You can make beverages, vegetables, pizza, potato, popcorn as well as heat that dinner plate. With the multistage cooking option, you can adjust the cooking level at mid-cycle. You can also adjust the cooking level using the multi-stage option. Defrosting can be done using time or weight options. There are also express cooking functions that make your experience even faster and ideal for your household.

This is a microwave that allows you to have some fun in the kitchen. It adds to the ambience of the kitchen because it is very stylish.

The microwave comes with all the necessary features that you require so as to have great results. Reheating good is effortless and the quick start makes it even better. This appliance has a custom control. You can control the time very easily, meaning that you still maintain food texture and flavour to great levels.

When you choose this appliance, you avoid any guesswork. There are 6 presets menu as well as defrost functionalities that reduce the confusion of what does what. You will definitely get exceptional results with this appliance. This is a machine that is pretty much like a kitchen sidekick and it fills in perfectly especially when you have a short time. This is the only way you can match your needs with great performance.

The appliance has a custom memory which is a great plus. The child lock ensures that your children are safe while the warranty ensures that you are safe.

This is a product that will allow you to bring some style and fun to the kitchen. With it, you have different ways to make meals and clean it all up easily since the turntable can be removed. The interface is very easy to use that comes with a kitchen timer and an LED clock. One touch cooking makes it easy to cook different things in the shortest time. You can adjust the power as the cooking cycle continues which is pretty remarkable. You can also easily set the custom controls and save them.

This is a microwave that can be a great help when you want a heating source of food. It fits perfectly and can handle all your reheating needs in the kitchen. The colour is definitely one of the most outstanding parts of the microwave and adds value to your kitchen space.

Frigidaire FFCM0724LB 700-Watt Countertop Microwave

This is a 0.7 cubic foot model and is available in black colour. The turntable is made of glass. The control panel is ready to select and also comes with a safety lock to ensure that your kids are safe even if they are unsupervised. The power is at 700 watts and there are some 10 cooking power levels. You can enjoy auto cook, effortless defrost and auto reheat. There is also the plus 2 stage cooking. You can enjoy an easy-set start of around 1-6 minutes. There are some 4 one-touch options too.

The fact that you can add 30 seconds makes it even more helpful. The easy to use touch buttons make it so much easier to do your cooking. There are ten power levels that add to the versatility of the appliance and you can prepare a lot of things quite easily. The turntable made of glass makes it possible to have a cooking surface that is very even and therefore maximizes the capacity. The appliance makes it effortless to defrost things in a quick and easy manner.

The unit is small and this is amazing, especially when your counter space is limited. It is also sufficient for someone who doesn’t have a busy kitchen. This appliance is lightweight and many people find this a great advantage. You may need an anti-skid mat to solve the issue where the appliance may move around on the counter.


Microwaves have become an important part of modern kitchens today and as such, it is important to have one so as to make life convenient and easier. You don’t need an expensive appliance. There are still some high-quality microwaves with multi-functions that don’t require you to break the bank. Today, it is easy to get a microwave that is below one hundred dollars.



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