Five Great Cheap Electric Toothbrushes


With the coming of the modern world, everything is getting modernized. Even the smallest of things that one couldn’t have imagined getting transformed into something more advanced are getting updated according to the demand of the people. One of the best examples of this is the toothbrush that we use every day. What upgrades could you have imagined? Maybe the bristles will be getting more advanced, being made up of the newer materials that are being artificially developed. But we all know that only a few years back, the electric toothbrush was introduced in the market that brought a whole new dimension to the completely normal and simple toothbrush.

An electric toothbrush is simply a toothbrush in which the bristles make a motion on its own in order to clean the teeth. These motions are powered by a small electric motor fitted inside the toothbrush. This motor, in turn, is run by a rechargeable battery which is charged between every use. The motion of this toothbrush can be adjusted according to the need of the person. These motions are usually back and forth or rotatory oscillation in which the brush moves clockwise for some amount of time and then anticlockwise so that the teeth are cleaned thoroughly.

The types of electric toothbrush

Vibration: – these are very much similar to the normal toothbrushes that we use every day. One just has to use it as a normal toothbrush. The bristles vibrate on their own, which helps in cleaning the teeth, the person just needs to make sure that they aren’t rubbing their teeth too fast, which may damage the bristles as well as their teeth and gums as well.

Rotatory oscillation: – these are those types of electric brushes in which the bristles first move in a clockwise direction and then move in an anti-clockwise direction. This provides a deep cleansing action as it covers the whole 360. The user just needs to make sure that they take the brush from tooth to tooth slowly so that all of them are cleaned thoroughly.

These electric toothbrushes are classified according to their speeds or frequency as well. Broadly, there are three types, standard power, sonic and ultrasonic toothbrushes and each one of them has their own characteristic speed and frequency which makes them different them from each other. There are different modes provided in the brushes as well so that the user can choose according to their own needs.

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These electric brushes, according to the dentists are more effective than the manual toothbrushes that we have been using for a long time because they are independent of the brushing habits of the individuals. This helps in the cleaning of the teeth in a proper manner which assures proper gum care and other benefits, but at the same time, it has been also reported that with the proper brushing techniques, there isn’t much significant difference between the effectiveness of manual brushing and brushing with the help of an electric brush.

These days, more and more advanced ideas are coming into effect so that the experience can be made more personalized. Some of the electric toothbrushes come with Bluetooth technology, which helps in transmitting the user’s personalized data and preferences to the server with the help of which the brush can be planned in such a way that it suits the style of the person. All these electric toothbrushes are usually charged after they are used once since they have rechargeable batteries. The whole electric system is placed inside the toothbrush in such a way that it is waterproof. A major advantage of an electric toothbrush is that the moving bristles of the toothbrush reaches every corner and removes the plaque and tartar effectively. The pressure applied by the brush is neither more nor less than what is required which helps in keeping the condition of the gums at optimum level and the bristles aren’t damaged as well.

We will be reviewing some of the best electric toothbrushes that are available in the market, which will help you decide what things you need to look into an electric toothbrush if you are planning to buy one.

The Best Budget Electric Toothbrush

Hangsun Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Features: – Hangsun Sonic electric toothbrush is a modern age miracle that combines the effective and economical sides easily. This brush has a plethora of modes and features at a very pocket-friendly price. The brush is capable of producing up to 40000 sonic vibrations per minute, which helps in the effective and complete cleaning of the teeth with a lasting massage experience as well. There are 4 modes of operation as well for the users and they can choose according to their preference and condition so that they have a personalized and fulfilling experience. These 4 modes are clean, white, soften or massage. The brush has an inbuilt timer which takes a small pause every 30 seconds so that the user can be reminded that they have to change the cleaning area of the mouth and has a 2-minute auto-off in case someone forgets to turn it off after using. The timings are set in such a way that they match what is being recommended by the dentists. There is a hidden panel installed in the brush as well, which can tell the user the current mode the brush is operating in the and the number of vibrations being produced. In addition to all that, it has a rechargeable battery as well, so that it can be charged after every use or according to the need of the user, whichever is more suitable.


• The electric brush is very economical as compared to the other products of the same type.

• Produces 40000 sonic vibrations which help with effective cleansing of the teeth.

• Can be operated in 4 different modes.

• Dedicated timer which reminds the user to change the location of the brush from one place to another.

• A hidden panel to show the current status of the brush.

• Comes with a rechargeable battery.

Cons: –

• No such cons at this price rate.

Fairywill Electric Sonic Toothbrush (FW-507)

Features: – This fairywill electric toothbrush has completely changed the dynamics of the market because of its features and other factors, making it the best seller in its price range and overall as well. Coming to its features, the brush has 40000 micro-brush or vibrations per minute, which helps with the thorough cleaning of the teeth, ensuring that no plaque or stains remain, and you get healthy cleaned teeth every time. The bristles of the brush are made up of DuPont nylon which helps with the topography of the teeth and makes sure that even the remotest corners of the mouth are cleaned properly. The top of the bristles is rounded so that they are soft on the gums and the handle is made in such a way that they don’t slip much. There are 5 different modes of operations as well, which gives the user a lot to choose from depending on their own preference, need or habit. These 5 modes of operations are white, clean, sensitive, polish and massage. It also has a 30-seconds pause to remind the user to change the brushing area and has auto switch off mode after 2 minutes as well in case someone forgets to turn it off after use. The whole brush is waterproof and can be used in the shower as well. A mere 4-hour charging of the brush will last for 30 days, which is well suited for travelling or trips and it is compatible with any power source as well.

Pros: –

• 40000 vibrations per minute to ensure thorough cleansing of the teeth.

• 5 different modes of operations to suit the user’s choice and need.

• Lasting battery life and can be charged with any power source.

• The bristles are made and designed with such materials that they are easy on the gums

• The brush comes with 3 replacement heads as well in case the ones on the brush gets damaged or withered.

• Is lighter in weight than the other models available in the market.

Cons: –

• The rate may be a bit on the higher side for some people.

• No such cons at this price rate.

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4300 Electric Toothbrush

Features: – It is one of the most famous and finest products of Philips in the dental and health care and has been widely accepted by the people as can be seen by the sales. The brush has proved to remove 7 times more plaque than the normal manual toothbrush that people have been using for a long time, which also goes on to prove that a change is needed as well. It can generate up to 62000 vibrations per minute, which is very effective while cleaning the teeth thoroughly. The brush also has a pressure sensor in it which alerts the user if the brushing is being done too hard which can damage the teeth as well as the bristles of the brush. Philips also provides a travel case with the brush so that it can be easily carried from one place to another by the user. It also has smart brush head replacement reminder alerts, which notify the user when they need to replace the brush head to make sure that there is no compromise on the dental health care of the user. Once the replacement is done, one can check if the replacement is compatible with the brush as there is a separate icon for that on the panel of the brush. Once fully charged, the brush can easily go on for two weeks without the need of being charged again.

Pros: –

• Produces up to 62000 vibrations per minute, which ensure good and thorough cleaning.

• Has a pressure sensor in it which notifies if the person is applying too much pressure while brushing their teeth.

• Brush head replacement notification as well along with the brush head compatibility notification.

• The travel case is provided as well so that one can carry the electric toothbrush with them on the move.

Cons: –

• Too costly for the middle section of the economy to afford.

• Has Only 1 mode of operation.

• Battery life is less compared to other alternatives in the market.

Oral-B Pro 2 2500N CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

Features: – Oral-B is one of the renowned brands in the dental healthcare market and is known for their quality products that raise the standards every time they are launched. They are one of the stalwarts in the business and that’s why there are very high expectations from them and their products. The pro 2 2500N is one of those products that have revolutionized the electric toothbrush market, introducing features that have never been seen before. It has a pressure sensor which controls the speed or the vibration and varies it accordingly. It also has the system to notify you in case you are brushing too hard which may damage your gums as well as the bristles of the brush. The brush gradually improves the dental condition of the user. The round head of the brush cleans the teeth more thoroughly and also helps in whitening of the teeth. The brush comes with 2 modes, that is the daily clean mode and gum care mode. The user can choose accordingly according to their needs. It has a smart timer as well, which notifies every 30 seconds to change the brushing area and the whole brushing experience lasts for 2 minutes, as recommended by the dentists all around the world. One can also replace with brushing the head of the brush with the other Oral-B alternatives that are available in the market like Dual clean, Ortho care and many more based on their specific needs. It takes almost 14 to 22 hours to fully charge the brush and the charge lasts for almost 5-12 days, depending on the usage of the brush and the duration for which it is used daily.

Pros: –

• Oral-B is well known for its quality product so there is no compromise on the quality of the brush as the brand speaks for itself.

• One can choose the brushing head, according to their own needs though they have to get it separately.

• Two separate modes for brushing.

• The pressure sensor helps in regulating the speed of the brush and notifies when the person is applying too much pressure.

Cons: –

• Charging time is too long and it only lasts for a maximum of 12 days.

Oral-B Genius 9000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush

Features: – Oral-B proved themselves to be the best in the business with the launch of this toothbrush as it expertly combines the dental health care with the advancement in the technology. This brush is laced with so many features that it can be called as a smart brush as well. Face recognition, light personalization, Bluetooth and app synchronization, 6 modes of operation and many more. It also has a pressure sensor which controls the number of vibrations per minute and notifies the user if they are brushing too hard. Apart from that, there is a position detection sensor in this electric toothbrush as well, which helps in ensuring that every corner and region of the mouth has been thoroughly cleaned.

Pros: –

• The model is comparatively bigger than the other models available in the market, which makes it easier to handle.

• Comes with a travelling case, allowing the user to carry it with them safely wherever they are going.

• Has a position detections sensor which makes sure that no area or region in the mouth is left.

• Has a pressure control mechanism which regulates the speed depending on the pressure applied and warns if the pressure exceeds a pre-determined level.

• Six modes of operation which allows the user to choose according to their need.

• One can sync the brush with Bluetooth or the Oral-B app on their phone.

Cons: –

• The price of the toothbrush is too high to be afforded by the middle and lower section of the economy.

• Need an adapter to charge the brush as it doesn’t get easily charged with the help of the other common power source.


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